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Sara Diciero - Artist From Agentina

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sara diciero argentine artist oil paintings

sara diciero argentine artist oil paintings

sara diciero argentine artist oil paintings

Media - Oil Paintings
Address - Condarco 5453, 1419 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone - 005411 4571 9822
Email -
Website -

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1949 where she lives and works.

Her first experiences with the arts were upon taking classes from argentine teacher Febo Marti in 1985. She hasn’t stopped since then. She lived in Spain for 3 years (1986-1989) where she learned: drawing and different painting techniques.

She continuously keeps improving her skills; she has done different specialization courses.
During two years (1999- 2000), she was part of the “Tea Group”, co-ordinates by the artist Marino Santa María and the art critic Rosa Faccaro.

Sara Diciero has taken part in more than 300 national and international exhibitions. Her artworks were exhibited in Museums, Galleries, Cultural Centers, Fairs and Biennials.
She made 22 solo exhibitions in Argentina: Manzana de las Luces, British Arts Centre in Buenos Aires, Fine Arts Museum in Catamarca; Islas Malvinas Cultural Centre in La Plata; Nucleo de Arte Gallery and Marco del Pont Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires; Ramos Mejía Culture House, etc..

Her artworks were admitted in many municipal, national and private art contests where she won 48 awards.
She participated in fairs like: ArteBa 2001 and ArteBa2002; Expotrastiendas 2004/5; Fair of the Book of Buenos Aires- 2004, Arte Clásica 2004/5, Expo-artistas 2005/6, 7 etc.

Some Groups Shows in Argentina: Praxis International Art Gallery, Hoy en el Arte Gallery, Saavedra Museum, Recoleta Cultural Centre, National Library; San Martin Cultural Centre, Fine Arts Provincial Museum of La Plata, Fine Arts Museum of Chaco, Fine Arts Museum of Rafaela; Villa Gesell Culture House-. etc.

During 2006, she was represented by Eighth Elephant Contemporary Art Gallery, New York, Brooklyn.
Her paintings were exhibited in other countries like Belgique, Brasil, Chile, Cuba, La Havana Biennial 1996, Spain, Italy, México, Uruguay and USA.

Sara Diciero’s artwork has a creative originality. Since 1999, she has been experimenting with the idea of lighting the artwork from behind. She uses oil paint on resin or acrylic sheets to create the support of her "luminous" boxes or backlights, which she then exhibits in groups like installations.

Diciero illustrated the poetry book "Estuario: remotas estancias” of Mexican writer Reyna Armendáriz González in 2005. Many critical of art have expressed opinion on her artwork.

Diciero’s artworks can be seen in many Contemporary Art books, magazines, CDs and websites. Nowadays, her artworks can be found in some Argentines Museums, and in private international collections in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Peru, Puerto Rico and U.S.A. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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