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Acrylic Paintings by Artists from Argentina

Artists of The World > Argentine Artists > Acrylic Paintings

Argentine Artists - Acrylic Paintings

Nora BEGOÑA - Argentine Artist, Acrylics
Artists Statement: I was recently inspired by the old master painters' movement to create l still life every day or nearly every day. Influenced mainly by the Dutch painters I set off on this journey to reconnect viscerally with paint, by exploring color and the balance of transparency and opacity in acrylics...

Graciela BELLO - Argentine Artist, Acrylic Paintings, Mixed Media Paintings
Graciela Bello is an Argentine artist born in Buenos Aires in 1957. While Graciela Bello was studying Literature at the University, she took courses in History of Art, Aesthetics, Airbrushing, Photography and she attended different art workshops. Then, she did textile designs and stamps and she organized art workshops for children and adults. Since 1992 Graciela Bello took part in 150 solo and group exhibitions...

Maria DODERA - Argentine Artist, Acrylics
Acrylics by Argentine artist Maria Dodera...

Ignacio FUSILIER - Argentine Artist, Acrylics, Mixed media, Photography
Ignacio Fusilier lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he is an architect since 1991 and he has been painting since he was a young boy. He has attended workshops for over ten years with a few local masters such as Néstor Arona, Ariel Olivetti, Ignacio Noé and Jorge García...

Maria PARMO - Argentine Artist, Acrylics, Mixed Media
Maria Parmo was born in Cordoba, Argentina, in 1959 and was active in art from her early childhood, including starting to study piano at age five. Her high school interest in mathematics carried into her studies at University where she majored in it for three years. Even though she had an intense interest in the subject she left the idea of having a career in it behind. But her studies in math have always given her a logical way of looking at things in the world and have had a direct influence on her artwork...

Martyn ROBINSON - Argentine Artist, Watercolours, Acrylics
Martyn grew up in  Lancashire England.  likes to paint things that have a life of their express motion and emotion ..each work stands on its own merits...I learn from each piece. Martyn now favors acrylics and watercolors. IN 2008 he moved with his family to Argentina Endowed with innate talent and amazing eye for detail, a instinctive approach to social trends, Martyn shouldn't lose his appeal either...

Ana Ines SERANTES - Argentine Artist, Acrylic, Mixed Media
I was born in Tigre, Buenos Aires, on the last day of 1955 and still live in this water land called Delta. Perhaps because it should be, like all childern, I became an artist the day I made my first messy scrawl. This doodle was rearranged by vocation and time, guided by academic training. Many years of my life I was devoted to art education.This practise, I say without hesitation, has been the richest and most immeditae non academic support I have ever received, almost effortlessly and without noticing it.

Helena WIERZBICKI - Argentine Artist, Acrylic on canvas
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studied with the Argentine masters Luis Barragan and Elio Eros Vitali. Participated in many Art shows, locally and some abroad. Making art, for me, is an innate response to the inner and outer worlds, and a balancing act between the intuitive and the considered. I am interested in exploring my natural abilities and enthusiasm for my commitment to do an art within my innermost thoughts and emotions...

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