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Denis Marsili - Artist From Argentina

Artists of The World > Argentine Artists > M > Denis Marsili

Denis Marsili argentine artist

Denis Marsili argentine artist

Denis Marsili argentine artist

Denis Marsili argentine artist

Media - Photography, Conceptual Artistic T-Shirt Designs
Website -

Hello and welcome!
Who? I'm Denis Marsili, AKA Ditch the Kitsch!! But you can call me just "Den" (31 - Argentina)

I'm a self-taught artist - photographer's son raised in a rural area between photography books and camera manuals, but I only got the chance to put my hands on a camera when I was 16 and could afford buying a cheap one that only worked for two months.after that my passion remained practically dormant for some years.

In my early 20's I bought a compact digital camera and found a renewed passion for photography, probably from having read all those books when I was a kid.I started with digital photography enhancements out of curiosity and dived into it eager to learn to express how I experienced the world and its irony.and you know how one thing leads to another.

More recently, I focused almost exclusively on conceptual photography and even though I'm giving my all I'm still struggling to make a living from my art.

If curious about my conceptual art visit: Art of Concept

A little secret: When designing a new T-shirt (usually with music on, drinking "mate" and little or no clothes on =) I picture you wearing it at a disco or bar, drink in hand, making an impression and looking cool while having a great time with's great boost for my inspiration! But you'll get to know me better, the guy behind the T-shirts, by browsing my work :D

What are you doing and Why? Nowadays I'm trying to grow artistically and broaden my horizons.designing T-shirts allows me to do just that, I can still work with concepts which I love, plus I experience more creative freedom and I'm learning to draw.As you can imagine, I'm having a blast!

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