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Lucia Larenas - Artist From Chile

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Lucia Larenas chilean artist

Lucia Larenas chilean artist

Media - Oil Paintings
Phone - 0056412745201
Email -
Website -

My Painting is about  the world, the cosmo, the magic of the universe and the humanity through shapes,

I'm a chilean artist with 10 years of trajectory. I studied at Vina del Mar School of Fine arts, and then I studied with the  painter and master "Hernan Valdovinos".

Spherical Attituds are based on the reflection of the origin .  The Beginning of the universe,  life and human soul.  Questions about the universe. 

In this misterious context flow ideas, intutions and questions. We are enchanted with the dance of stars, then we seem to be confused with the caos  and collaps of stars and celestial body.  If human beings are growing and spinning like planets, then will we also disintegrate and become part of the "cosmic soup" again and again?. "Star dust", as Carl Sagan said.  In paintings a woman represents the Earth, human kind  without gender distinction as well as the psiquic world that makes us all part of one common something:  order and chaos.  

Order in "middle point" position, meditation, quietness. Caos is represented by the lengthening of thought as medusa's hairs who turns you into stone through fear when you look at her.

The shapes full of light emerge from the sourrounding darkness, just like a planet or star looks like in the obscure universe. There's no light without shadow nor shadow without light
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