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Jonathan Benitez - Artist From Phillipines

Artists of The World > Phillipines Artists > B > Jonathan Benitez

Jonathan Benitez phillipine artist

Jonathan Benitez phillipine artist

Jonathan Benitez phillipine artist

Jonathan Benitez phillipine artist

Media - Acrylic, Watercolor, Digital art, Mixed Media
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I come from the Philippines.I am a painter,art organizer,digital artist and musician.I live in an island province.I took Engineering in college.I am mentored by an Uncle in painting and the rest is self education in the arts.

In doing my method of work,I have a strong foundation in Realism and capable of creating non-representational lyrical abstractions in any given medium at the same time.I knew these two disciplines thrive at different level but I am attempting to combine the two to blurr its boundaries.

I have a strong fascination with figures and how it was affected in a given environment.The environment acts as a vehicle that affects the behavior of whatever is inside it.I painted Human figure as fragile creature subjected to disintegration and decay like any other living organism under the sun.How can I express this age? With the advent of unrest,disaster and war, life is in constant threat.

As an artist Living in a third world country,it offered me a rich source of stories that is not enough to fill the libraries.I explore diverse experiences and issues that affects an individual.The social climate is as complicated as climate change itself,which is at constant threat of culture commodification, identity crisis, economic turmoil, poverty, corruption, globalization,calamities and environmental destruction engaging us on collision course with our fate.
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