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Digital Art by Artists from Australia

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Australian Artists - Digital Art

Richard BAXTER - Australian Artist, Oil Painting, Photography, Digital Images
Australian artist Richard Baxter specializing in oil paintings, photography and digital images. Funky wedding photography...

Martin DINGLI - Australian Artist, Digital Mixed Media
I was born on the 25/01/1960 in Mediterranean Malta. I am now living in Australia. I try to be critical of all that I have seen and experienced in my life. Memory collides with imagination as I work to explore cultural themes. I reflect the true colours that I see, but also dream an idealised world into my works. My art is eclectic - landscapes, abstract, figures, fantasy - but my Maltese heritage is a binding element. This is particularly evident in my Maltese Doors series which captures the vivid colours and vibrant culture of my birthplace...

Helene KIPPERT - Australian Artist, Fractal/digital art
I am a fractal artist, working primarily with digital media to explore the interplay of form, energy and light. I use texture, colour and pattern as a way of breaking down our sense of identity with intellect and form, and reconnecting us to the sacred whole to which we all belong...

Pan MURAELL - Australian Artist, Ceramics, Acrylics, Pencil, Mixed Media, Digital
Born In England 1952, wandered the world or part of it. Studied a little in Brisbane. Its not work, its pastime, meditation. I think its mostly automatic, I don't think much about whats coming just let it happen. Maybe I am the tool of something else. Its more fun that way...

Novy RICH - Australian Artist, Acrylics, Mixed Media, Digital Art
Diverse artist from painting to digital art, usually works in acrylics. Sculptor, Cake designer, illustrator and worked in most mediums...

Lelia THOMAS - Australian Artist, Mixed Media, Photography, Digital Artwork
I'm a 22-year-old American who is living down under in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I am a southerner by heritage (Mississippi-born) and moved to Melbourne from small-town Tennessee in mid-2006. (Yes, I do occasionally say "y'all.") I'm an artist and writer, and I'm interested in new media in education. Politically speaking, I'm libertarian, and I am morally suspect when it comes to my sense of humor. As of 2009, I have finished my studies at Swinburne University of Technology. Barring anything going absurdly wrong, this will give me a bachelor's degree in multimedia and media studies. In it, I focused on media theory, network (Internet) sociology, creative writing and design. In other words, I paid an exorbitant amount to do what I was already doing. From my understanding, this tends to be the essence of tertiary education...

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