Everybody loves good food. It is one of the premier indulgences in life. But as you must know, some of your friends love it more than others.

The foodies are always pushing their cooking techniques, always looking for new restaurants and bars to satisfy their hedonistic tendencies, and discovering new flavours.
It is both easy and hard to buy gifts for them. The easy part is, you just need to relate to food and drinks. The hard part, they are always a few steps ahead of you. So, you must be creative and interesting. There is plenty of choice, from gourmet food gifts to new kitchen gadgets. Might you even want to treat yourself? Make that kitchen cupboard shine. And to help you with that, here are some recommendations.

Hot sauce!

Hot sauce!

Eaten Alive hot sauce discovery pack

New continents were discovered while searching for spices like these. Wars have been fought for less. These full-flavoured, vegan-friendly hot sauces are a must-have. Packed in a new discovery package, four award-winning hot sauces are a perfect gift for that one foodie who loves spicy food. Smoked Sriracha, Chocolate BBQ, Scotch Bonnet and Preserved Lemon will give them the greatest hits of spice to choose from.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

You must have a coffee or a tea lover in your midst. A convenient gift for that person who clocks in long office hours and loves warm drinks. Whatever their preferred beverage is, this mug will keep it at the preferred temperature all day long. Compact, easy to use, and a sleek design make this mug a must-have. They will never go back to regular mugs after trying this. And neither will you.

Food and Flowers

Flowers are a classic gift, but if they are a foodie, why not combine the two? A great example, for anyone who looks up flower delivery sydney, you should come across Flowers for Everyone. They have some great bundles, with not only flowers but hampers with chocolate and wine to boot. You will more than likely find that wherever you live, plenty of florists are now branching out into more than just your standard petals. So combine the two and not only can give a foodie what they crave but with a bit of style as well.

Olive oil

Olive oil is always a good idea

Frantoio Muraglia aromatic olive oil

If you like bold and robust flavours, you probably love olive oil. It’s the building block of Mediterranean cuisine and a staple of coastal communities across southern Europe. This set includes all of the four olive oils produced by the Muraglia company. How do you like the sound of Calabrian chilli? You also have IGP Rocca Imperiale lemon, ginger and celery flavour. These olive oils transform all sorts of foods, try it on a salad, pizza, pasta or be bold and use it with your desserts. What makes them stand aside from most of the other olive oils on the market is the way it is produced. The fresh ingredients are pressed simultaneously as the olives, so the oil is infused with the flavour from the get-go.

Personalized Coffee Scoop

This Etsy designed, hand-crafted wooden scoop is for you if you are looking for a personalized gift. There must be that one coffee connoisseur who prepares coffee like a religious ceremony. Just pick a perfect message to be laser engraved, and the coffee preparation will never be the same as before. And it also doubles as a bag clip to reduce unnecessary clutter.

How to plunger coffee

Forget the plunger! Get the Breville Barista mini coffee machine. Do you know someone who wants to wants to be a barista at home? Well, no need to look further. This compact-sized espresso machine takes care of everything. It comes with a portafilter, steam wand and a stainless-steel milk jug. It lets you choose between a single or a double shot. All you need to make everything from an espresso to an americano or a flat white. Its 15-bar pump assures that you have enough pressure to make that perfect cup of coffee.

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