For all those who love art and art events, we have collected in one place Instagram accounts that will help you follow current happenings in the field of art in the world.

Generally speaking, Instagram is our friend. Well, it is not our friend in those moments when we really want to sleep, but we fail to because we do not know how to stop scrolling through the endless depths of posts, stories, and more or less important information on them. But, apart from that, Instagram is really our friend because we are fed by visually beautiful and attractive material and, at the same time, we can actually find a lot of valuable and useful information about where to go and what to do. This applies both to the city where we normally live and spend most of our time and to places we travel. This is when it is easiest to consult Instagram and know where to point your compass arrow.

Artist at work

For all those who love art and art events, we have gathered profiles that will help you discover some new names or keep up to date with everything where you can see the works of those you already love. So, these are the accounts on Instagram for you – passionate art lovers…


The TZVETNIK profile has been around for almost four years and was founded by two art enthusiasts from Moscow who wanted to remain anonymous and are to this day. The page follows the appearance of young artists, whose names are still not known at all or are not well known enough, in public, and that is why it is especially interesting to follow their work. From the latest publications to the latest exhibitions and collaborations, everything that is insufficiently known but could explode at any moment can be found here. 

Since it is completely non-profit, TZVETNIK asks for their work to be supported on Patreon – a platform where regular payments can be made and money donated to artists, bloggers, and activists whose work you like. Maybe your patronage activity starts with TZVETNIK and ends in political activism… It does not even matter as long as you support the good cause.


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Art Viewer

Here you can see a carefully selected selection of the most relevant events around the world with the difference that Art Viewer also has its own website. So, if you do not have Instagram or you do not like it, that is definitely not enough reason not to stay up to date with art events around the world. 

The concept of the project is quite simple: the authors of the profile select and present the most interesting exhibitions around the world, along with useful information: who is exhibiting, where is it happening, and when? And it does it in all media, from applied art through sculpture and photography to collage and performance. This is an extremely useful tool and an opportunity to come across some new ingenious names whose exhibition you will visit if you have the opportunity or at least continue to follow the work you like.


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ATPdiary – Art Texts Pics

ATPdiary is both an Instagram and a publication. Everything is in Italian, which is not so bad for all those who would like to practice or learn this wonderful language. But, that is not even the most important thing because, in this case, photos and basic information are far more important than the text itself. You can explore on your own for more details. 

The editors of the site always emphasize who the artists, curators, and galleries in which it is exhibited are so that everything can be followed in quite a lot of detail. ATPdiary is a great tutorial for contemporary art: easy to use, enjoyable to watch, and essential for navigating the world of current events.

Contemporary Art Daily

Contemporary Art Daily or c.a.daily brings a selection of current exhibitions around the world but curated according to the affinities of the account’s editor. It has both a website and Instagram, with the difference that each post, of which some have pieces that cover niches that are difficult to portray (such as maternity, blockchain, tech gadgets – whose features are used as payment methods at online casinos listed by the link – and similar), on the page is accompanied by a somewhat broader text, either a description of the exhibition or a biography of the author. One of the many followers of the profile is Virgil Abloh (the artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection), so, if nothing else, it seems like a good enough reason to follow Contemporary Art Daily.


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As they themselves say, “Defining the world of contemporary art since 1962” – and we could not agree more with that. 

In addition to having a great magazine, Artforum also has this amazing Instagram profile that covers all the latest events in the world of art. Here you will not come across hidden biennials and small, unknown, alternative exhibitions, but you will come across new authors who have a serious career ahead of them or reviews of major world exhibitions.


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