For artists and illustrators, there is a new tool in town – drawing apps.

Thanks to the tech-savvy world we now live in, these types of apps have begun to surface and certainly make switching from paper to digital a breeze for a selection of creatives. Some apps are better than others, of course, but on the whole, these types of products offer an excellent service. 

The variety in this space is mightily impressive, although traditional methods will always appeal to certain artists. For others, though, what’s on offer is appealing. These types of products can be sampled on tablets mainly, but also the same smartphone devices people use to update their social media profiles and play popular UK slot games like Arctic Treasure. As a result, artists globally are able to make use of a selection of apps and explore a different range of tools in the process. A loid selection of apps offer impressive drawing capabilities, while others specialise in 3D models, special effects, vector or raster images, plus a whole host of extras. Essentially, there are plenty of options for interested artists ready to be downloaded and then explored. 

With that in mind, here is a look at some of the best of them. All of the apps featured will be available on both android and iOS unless stated otherwise. 

Art in the digital world

Comic Draw

If drawing comics is your bag, then you simply have to try Comic Draw. Tailor-made for creating single-panel cartoons on a mobile device, Comic Draw is a well-designed product capable of producing comics of the highest standard. You can elevate the app’s offering further by pairing it with the Comic Life app for desktop, which works on either Windows or Mac. From there, the results can be amazing once you get to grips with its features. 


Ideal for creating logos and specific design elements, in particular, the Assembly app is the go-to option for many graphic designers at the moment. If you’re keen to create some digital art, Assembly simplifies the process, making it a great place to start.

Sketch Club

It’s in the name, but Sketch Club is a popular app for keen sketchers. Combining social media inside the app alongside a selection of creative tools, the Sketch Club app allows you to share your creations with its community of users and gain feedback in the process. Ideal on a tablet, in particular, the app features daily themed challenges, artists and their range of work, and a selection of clever sketching tools. The app is only available on iOS, though.


A particular favourite with pixel artists, Pixaki provides a variety of creative tools and then from there, you can easily export your masterpieces to GIFs and other animation formations. All projects can be opened and saved to popular formats such as PNGs and ZIP archives while also being able to be hosted on Photoshop. If you’re into retro styles, then Pixaki could be for you. 

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Made by the guys at Luckyclan, the ArtStudio app is a raster art app packed with features that has been specifically created for iPad and iPhone. The tools on offer an extensive, with artists able to explore multiple canvas sizes, create layers with masks, access over 400 brushes, and make use of up to 40 different filters. The app is fairly basic, but you can still create some excellent pieces of work using it. 

Other popular drawing apps for artists include Graphic, Infinite Painter, ArtRage, Concepts, Tayasui Sketches, Artflow, Art Set 4, iPastels and Clip Studio Paint EX.