Getting your artwork or photos framed and matted online is a recent new market that is making quite a stir. But have you ever stopped to wonder why framing and matting are so important?

Believe it or, framing and matting are more critical than you think, and you should take certain things into consideration when going the online route.

What Is Online Framing and Matting?

Online framing and matting are when you pay for an online service to construct a mat and frame for your piece and ship it to your home. You can also get these services done at Target or Walmart, but there are certain pros to online framing and matting that you won’t be able to get at local stores.

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  • Online framing and matting services will typically have more options for you to choose from with mats and frames, while local stores may only have typical design options.
  • Due to the previous pro, the online framing and matting may look more aesthetically pleasing than what you would get at a local store.
  • No driving. They will ship it right to your door.

As you probably guessed, no product or service is completely perfect. There is always at least one con.


  • Online framing and matting services will more than likely cost more due to the customizations and shipping.

Why Should You Consider Online Framing and Matting?

Matting isn’t always completely necessary for your pieces; however, they should at least be considered for a number of reasons.

  • Matting will save the artwork from the glazing.
  • Matting helps keep artwork that will change over time, such as charcoal and pastels.
  • Matting will hide hinges, corner pockets, and art edges.
  • Matting can highlight secondary and tertiary colors.
  • Matting can amplify a room’s décor
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While matting isn’t always considered as necessary as framing, framing is something that you should definitely invest in. This is simply because it protects your pieces way better than just pinning them up on a wall without anything.

Not to mention, a frame would be a lot more pleasing to the eye than a bare piece. When it comes to online framing and mating, get the frame and consider the matting.

You’ll be glad you did once your artwork or photographs have stood the test of time and haven’t had any wear or tear. If you do go the online framing and matting route, just be sure to do your research about the company.