Casinos are finding many new ways to allow players to make deposits and fund their gaming accounts. The problem is that many governments in many countries are now restricting the use of their own citizen’s credit cards for gaming purposes. The US is at the forefront of this effort to impinge upon your right to gamble. A recent bill in the Senate restricts all credit card, checking, and wire transfers into any overseas Casino or Sportsbook accounts. Luckily, this bill will probably not be passed for at least another year.

Most people have used credit cards in the past to deposit money into online casino accounts, but there are many more methods below if your credit card will not work. Below is a list of some of the most popular methods.

Web-based accounts

Bankers Draft

Betting at an online casino is easy. What often puts players on edge is the most important part – getting paid. There are a variety of ways a player can purchase credits, and there are an equal number of ways you can get paid. This guide has been put together to help you understand what the varied payment methods are and how to use them.

In the beginning, your only options were checks and money transfers. Quickly though, real money casinos online started offering credit card transactions, and more recently, PayPal and Fire Pay. Of course, they are still more than willing to take your money in any form. Credit card transactions are a lot safer than most people think. Most online credit card processors use encryption technology, which means that the credit card information comes out scrambled to hackers. It’s doubtful that you will find any online casinos that offer credit card transactions that are not encrypted, but if you do find one that doesn’t offer encryption, avoid it.

Fire Pay

Players can sign up for the service at Fire Pay’s website or at the corresponding casino. The process is relatively simple:

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Enter your e-mail address, which must be the same that you use for the casino. The Thank You page will have a link to the log-in page. You will receive your Username and Password by email (in less than one minute). You will receive a Username and Password; you will then log in by clicking the link. Then enter your Username and Password you receive in the email. When you first access your account, you must change your password when you are redirected to the Expired Password page. Simply follow the instructions on the page. When you arrive at the Welcome to Fire Pay page, click on the Create an Account tab. Fill in the form and read the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use. The Fire Pay Account Results page will indicate the success of your registration. You will also receive an email announcing the creation of your account. You can deposit funds into your account by clicking the Deposit Funds tab. Follow the instructions on the Deposit Funds page, then click Submit. Your current balance will then be displayed on the Deposit Funds Result page following your deposit. Using the funds in your Fire Pay account is just like using a credit card; only you enter a Fire Pay account number instead of a credit card number. Once you have registered with Fire Pay, the player can use the same ID at every online casino that uses the service.

Debit Card

Debit cards are getting more popular in the United States since they give you direct access to your checking account. They work like a Visa or MasterCard, so they can be used the same way as credit cards.

Bank Wire

Bank wires are an optional way of payment used by some casinos. To use this method, you will be required to provide the casino with information about your checking account, such as account number, routing number, etc., similar to electronic checks. After that, the casino will be capable of making direct deposits to your bank account. Bank wire usually causes additional fees to be charged by the casino and therefore is only recommended when receiving large winnings. However, even if the casino wires the money to you for free, you will still be charged by your bank.


A very new system is Neteller. This method uses an independent provider that deals in eCash. Neteller will provide you with a free online account. After you provide them with the required information, you will be given an account number and password to access your account. After you cash out from the casino, the money will go directly into your Neteller account, and you can begin using it online immediately.

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If you decide you want the money, put it in your bank account; you can send your money to PayPal or DirectPay (Yahoo), which will provide you with that option plus the option to use the money for online purchases. PayPal and DirectPay are online cash systems that were mainly established for the field of online auctions (for example, on eBay and Yahoo Auctions) and other purposes of transferring money over the Internet. Money deposited from a Neteller Account is available instantly. Deposits to Neteller accounts can be made by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.