When people think about art, the first thoughts might be that of a painting, drawing, or sculpture. However, writing isn’t usually among the list of art forms for many individuals. In this article, we aim to correct this by providing five reasons writing should be considered an art form.

5 Reasons Why Writing Is An Art Form

The very nature of writing makes it exciting to not just the writer but also the reader. However, the question for many remains, “Is Writing an Art form?” The answer is a resounding yes, but to justify this, here are five reasons why writing is an Art form:

● We tell stories through it

● It involves human expression

● The use of metaphors

● It explores our creative side

● Writers live through their writing

We Tell Stories Through It

Through writing, we’re able to share our experiences and ideas. Both the fiction and non-fiction side of writing can be exciting to read. Many authors in the past have used their writings to bring to light events they have lived through. In many instances, these pieces of writing have then been later converted into movies that have gone on to make millions.


The ability to tell engaging stories is one of the traits of good essay writers. A novel, when written down, can transport the reader into another world.

It Involves Human Expression

Writing involves the use of words to convey the author’s expression. Much like a painting can get the artist’s emotions, a piece of writing can also help the author express themselves. Sometimes, the said expression can be pain, joy, or excitement.

At times, life events can push us to share our thoughts in the form of a journal or an autobiography. For example, “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank was the way she was able to share her internal emotions during the events of WW2.

The Use of Metaphors

Through metaphors, writers have for years been able to merge two unrelated realities in such thought-provoking methods that their readers have found sensational. This is understandable when you consider that humans, by nature, have a multi-layered mindset.

We frequently try to combine things, such as visiting where we grew up with our kids. Shakespeare is one of many writers that used metaphors in their writings, with Macbeth being one of his best works.

Writing Can Influence Others

Whether for better or worse, writing has been proven numerous times to influence the thinking of others. A lot of writing today involves storytelling, but a great deal also consists in informing the reader in other to control their habits or thinking.

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The Bible and Quran are great examples of writings that have shaped the thinking of many. Most, if not all, art colleges today teach students how art can be used to shape the opinion of the viewer. In the same way, Michael Crichton’s writings helped reignite the world’s interest in paleontology.

Writers Live Through Their Writing

When a writer eventually passes on, they live on through their writings. Authors such as Shakespeare and Anne Frank are a few examples of writers still remembered today through their work. This is possible through the powerful impression their works had on individuals during their time and beyond.

Unlike a photograph or a video that only captures a brief moment in your life, writing can capture your state of mind, personality, and much more in such an enduring form that it would likely stand the test of time.

In Conclusion

We all do writing, whether in the form of fiction or simply an essay. In all the forms of writing that involve expression, there is no doubt that it can be considered an art. Hopefully, at this point in this article, you also agree.

Author’s Bio

Barbara Fielder is a freelance writer that enjoys writing fiction articles. She has written a few fiction novels but is more focused on blogging these days. Barbara simply enjoys helping people, and her blog articles aim to help her audience understand more about writing as an art form.