A&W Lana Del Rey Lyrics

Hey there! As a huge Lana Del Rey fan, I can’t help but get lost in the mesmerizing lyrics of her songs. One track that always stands out to me is “A&W.” In this article, I’ll take you on a deep dive into the lyrics of this hauntingly beautiful song. We’ll explore the meaning behind the words, the emotions they evoke, and how they contribute to Lana’s unique storytelling style. So, grab your headphones and let’s unravel the poetic brilliance of “A&W” together.

What Are The Lyrics to “A&W” by Lana Del Rey?

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song “A&W” by Lana Del Rey, she paints a vivid picture with her lyrics. She opens by describing a night spent at a drive-in with her lover. The lyrics suggest a longing for a simpler time, as she sings, “Late at night at the drive-in, baby, it was you and I.” The drive-in cinema serves as a backdrop for their romantic rendezvous, setting the nostalgic tone that runs throughout the song.


The chorus of “A&W” is catchy and evocative. Lana Del Rey sings, “Lost in the moment, our love was alive, oh-oh, oh-oh. A&W in the moonlight, baby, it’s paradise.” This chorus captures the feeling of being completely consumed by love and experiencing a moment of pure bliss. The mention of A&W, a popular fast food chain, adds an unexpected twist to the lyrics and enhances the nostalgic atmosphere of the song.

Verse 2

In the second verse of the song, Lana Del Rey continues to express her emotions and desires. She sings, “Talkin’ ’bout forever, where did it all go wrong?” These lyrics reflect on the fleeting nature of love and the disappointment that often comes with it. Del Rey’s vulnerable and introspective tone shines through, as she laments the loss of a once-promising relationship.


The bridge of “A&W” introduces a contrast to the wistful and reflective theme of the song. Del Rey sings, “Summertime, sippin’ on a milkshake, cherry cola tastes like lemonade.” This light-hearted imagery brings a touch of sweetness and innocence to the lyrics. The bridge provides a brief respite from the heavy emotions conveyed in the rest of the song, giving the listener a momentary escape into a carefree summer memory.


The final chorus of the song repeats the previously mentioned lyrics. Del Rey’s vocals become more intense and passionate, reinforcing the emotional depth of the song. The repetition of the chorus emphasizes the importance of the moment portrayed in the lyrics and leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Analysis of “A&W” Lyrics

Themes And Symbolism

One prominent theme in the lyrics is nostalgia. Lana Del Rey often draws inspiration from the past, and “A&W” is no exception. The mention of a drive-in cinema and references to vinyl records evoke a sense of longing for simpler times. This theme of nostalgia taps into the universal longing for a romanticized past, resonating with listeners who yearn for a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Another theme is the exploration of love and relationships. The lyrics of “A&W” paint a picture of intense, passionate love. The chorus, with its repeated lines of “It’s you and me, babe, the wind in our hair” and “We had skies for miles, it was just us there,” captures the exhilaration and bliss associated with being in love. These lyrics convey a sense of youthful abandon and the overwhelming intensity of a deep connection.

The symbolism in the song further enhances its meaning. The drive-in cinema, for example, represents a space where memories are made and shared. It symbolizes a sense of escape from reality, where love can flourish without the constraints of the outside world. 

Lyrical Storytelling

Lana Del Rey is known for her storytelling abilities, and “A&W” is a prime example of her lyrical prowess. The lyrics paint vivid imagery and create a narrative that takes listeners on a journey. The verses of the song describe the setting of the drive-in cinema, setting the stage for the emotions and experiences that unfold.

The chorus acts as the emotional core of the song, emphasizing the intensity and euphoria of love. Its repetitive nature further reinforces the emotional depth, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in the emotions being conveyed. The bridge of the song adds a touch of sweetness and innocence, with lines like “We’ll spin our favorite records ’til the sunrise” conjuring images of carefree joy.


The lyrics of “A&W” by Lana Del Rey are a captivating exploration of nostalgia, love, and the desire for a more authentic connection. Through vivid imagery and storytelling, Lana Del Rey takes listeners on a journey that evokes a longing for simpler times and captures the intensity of passionate love. The themes and symbolism present in the song, such as the drive-in cinema and vinyl records, enhance its meaning and add depth to the overall experience.

Overall, the lyrics of “A&W” showcase Lana Del Rey’s unique storytelling abilities and provide a platform for listeners to connect with the emotions being conveyed. Through her artistry, Lana Del Rey continues to captivate audiences with her ability to create evocative and thought-provoking music.