Apex is a battle royale project that emerged after the popularity of PUBG’s survival mode and offers players the concept of agents with unique skills that combine with weapons and use their skills to survive in the world of Apex Legends.

As in all projects where players have different gameplay formats and differences in the skills used, there is a pool of heroes that are worth playing and characters that no one chooses due to the presence of more valuable and powerful agents.

But there are also simply useful heroes that combine well together, especially in the three-player team format, and that are worth considering adding to your pool or just for fun.


An agent who can use high-speed dashes to close the distance quickly, and you can independently adjust the range of your jump by holding down the button.

You can always rely on your instinct to perceive events on the game map differently.

You can feel and see on the general map the location of all players with a minimum supply of health until they replenish it or die.

You can call upon dense shadows to your aid, which will protect you from major damage and help restore your health until they are destroyed or dissipate.


A hero who specializes in building barricades and trenches for defensive battles.

You can quickly build a barrier behind which you can safely fight in a sitting position.

You will block most of the incoming damage and amplify your own.

You can activate a skill that increases the ammunition and total damage for you and your allies when using machine guns.

You can install a special machine gun that can be used to generate dense fire and any player on your team can use it.

This is a great agent for boosting in Apex Legends, but many players forget about him and his capabilities.


A hero who specializes in explosions, burst damage, and elemental one-point damage followed by inflammation.

You will be able to use not ordinary ammunition, but cluster bombs, which, when they touch the ground, will create an explosion and scatter new shells, which will create new explosions, eliminating a large number of enemies if they do not find timely shelters. It is especially effective in open areas and for catching entire groups that are trying to quickly get into a safe zone from shrinking territory.

You will have more space for grenades and all explosive devices will have a greater throw range and explosion damage, which will allow you to knock out enemies from cover and combine with cluster munitions, which will help destroy entire teams of players and get an apex boost in rating.

You will be able to choose a zone that will be hit by a powerful blow with the subsequent ignition of this zone, and if you correctly cover the enemies there, but do not kill them, then they will have a good chance of dying in a big fire.


A scout hero who uses miniature drones and his personal intuition and hearing to determine the location of opponents on the game map.

You will be able to release a swarm of miniature drones that will pass through obstacles and attack enemies that they can find.

You can create a fairly large sphere with the help of drones, in which you will be aware of every shot and step of opponents who will be inside it.

You will have a passive skill that will allow you to identify enemies when aiming mode is on by hearing their heartbeat.


A hero who focuses on controlling gravity and using its features for full-fledged battles and cheap boosting in Apex Legends.

You can activate a gravity lift, which will lift enemies to a height and drop them from it, causing damage.

You can install a black hole generation device that allows you to pull enemies into a specific point on the map.

While in the air under the influence of reverse gravity, or using jumps from a height, you will receive much less damage than other players.


A hero who uses deception, bait, and psychological influence to deceive enemy players.

You will create holograms – unreal images on which enemies will waste ammunition and grenades, but in reality they will shoot into the void.

You will also use full-fledged decoys, which will be dense, but still a distraction while you and your allies find means and ways to destroy them.

Your main passive skill will be hiding all your allies who are knocked out, which will not allow enemies to quickly finish them off and will give you a new chance to continue the battle.


The hero is a full-fledged thief and a master of finding valuable items, which is no less important than various skills.

Epic and legendary equipment will give you a good advantage and the faster you can get it, the more chances you will have to kill a large number of enemies and survive long enough until complete victory and top 1 status on the map, which will have a positive effect on boosting your rank in Apex Legends.


You can use a special bracelet to quickly teleport a short distance to get into hard-to-reach places, or vice versa, move away from them, or leave the battle.

You will always see and feel places where you are guaranteed to find epic and legendary equipment and weapons.

You will be able to install a special device that will attract two types of legendary equipment to you if it is around for each player in your squad, or just for you.

Conclusion on The Selection And Selection of Agents

In Apex Legends, as in any project where there is a system of unique units, there are always profitable and powerful heroes and secondary ones that are not relevant in the current meta.

Often, the popularity of this or that hero is formed through e-sports, and if the most titled teams always take the same legends, then it is logical that ordinary players will follow them, because where else can they get inspiration and learn to play if not from the best.