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Historical Artist - Antonello Da Messina (1430 - 1479)

The most famous artist to come from the island of Messina, Antonello became one of the leading oil painters in Italy. Although Vasari reports that he learned his technique from Jan van Eyck, it is more likely that he learned his approach in Naples. Although he worked mainly in Messina, he spent time on the Italian mainland. In 1475, Antonello traveled to Venice where he painted an altarpiece for the church of San Cassiano. He also painted several bust portraits in a style similar to that of the Netherlandish painters.

Antonello's style is remarkable for its union, not always successful, of Italian simplicity with Flemish concern for detail. He exercised an important influence on Italian painting, not only by the introduction of the Flemish invention, but also by the transmission of Flemish tendencies. However, no school of painting formed after his death, with the exception of the Sicilian Marco Costanzo.

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