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Mireille Dubois-Vanhove - Artist From Belgium

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Mireille Dubois-Vanhove belgian artist

Mireille Dubois-Vanhove belgian artist

Mireille Dubois-Vanhove belgian artist

Media - Mixed Media
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Mireille Dubois-Vanhove is a Belgian artist who draw and paint from her early ages. After her accounting studies, she maried and moved to Congo where she lived during 30 years. There she opened a ceramic and paint workshop. She worked on high temperature enamel and watercolors "wet on wet". Through her ceramic and watercolors, which are all unique pieces, Mireille Dubois-Vanhove unveil the idyllic Africa scenary, showing the extrem poverty of those forgotten people, the look of children deprived from all and the courage of african women. Her work is heartbreaking and naturally marks the viewer. The whole work of Mireille Dubois-Vanhove convey an artistic signature that is easily identifiable with harmonizing shades of the african continent. Her approach is human. She touch hearts. Some say she translates with a lot of tender, children and adult who are overtaken by their own distress, others claims that her work is brilliant, rendered by few means, etc. All viewers who have been in contact with one of the works of Mireille Dubois-Vanhove have been marked as have been "Le Cri" from Munch. It's true that no body can stay insensitive facing the message carried through her work. We can feel the feeling's spirit and the experience richness from a voice choked or a laugh. The composition is tight, centered on a unique subject, straightforward. The watercolor choice is appropriate, with the immaculate bottom. We find subtlety, sensitivity from the african atmosphere in all her work. A poetic realism well rendered in light. Besides watercolor, Mireille Dubois-Vanhove also carves small figures perched on top of specially enameled plates. Back in Belgium, she created her workshop at Nimy and regularly exhibits in the region. Today, she lives and works in Belgium | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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