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Mixed Media Paintings by Artists from Belgium

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Belgian Artists - Mixed Media Paintings

Venice AQUINHO - Belgian Artist, Mixed Media & Instalations
Experimentation with nature and format...

Mireille DUBOIS-VANHOVE - Belgian Artist, Mixed Media
Mireille Dubois-Vanhove is a Belgian artist who draw and paint from her early ages. After her accounting studies, she maried and moved to Congo where she lived during 30 years. There she opened a ceramic and paint workshop. She worked on high temperature enamel and watercolors "wet on wet". Through her ceramic and watercolors, which are all unique pieces, Mireille Dubois-Vanhove unveil the idyllic Africa scenary, showing the extrem poverty of those forgotten people, the look of children deprived from all and the courage of african women...

GARTNER - Belgian Artist, Mixed Media
Belgian contemporary artist.
Worldwide exhibitions  and Art Fairs...

Olga GOUSKOVA - Belgian Artist, Mixed Media
Olga Gouskova's paintings are about feelings and states of mood, about dreams and expectations. And she expresses it through the female portrait. In every painting she tries to capture part of the mystery of the female personality by combining the beauty of the physical with the intensity of the mental...

Françoise NESSE - Belgian Artist, Gouache, Mixed Media Paintings, Drawing, Watercolours
Born in the South of Belgium, more precisely in Saint-Mard in Gaume Country, I passed my first three years in Congo at Leopoldville (Kinshasa). Thereafter, my parents come back to Belgium, living first in the Ardennes and subsequently in Brussels, where I am staying. From my youth onward, drawing in my real. However, it is more precisely after the primary school that I oriented myself in an artistic track. I first attended the Ornamental Arts and afterwards I obtained a graduate in Graphism at the "75" in Woluwe (Brussels). My studies in Ornamental Arts allowed me to approach various techniques, but the colour pencil (water-coloured) remains my favourite tool...

STRATOS - Belgian Artist, Mixed Media
Private drawing lessons at the age of 11 with Miss Collins, South Africa. Studied Graphic & Creative Arts at the Doxiades School of Applied Arts, Athens, Gr. Employed at EMI Greece, in the Classical Music Dept. for 12 consecutive years. Worked in the Media as a Graphic Artist. Ceramics as a freelance professional. Hand-painting of posters for the Cinema regularly for many years. Bookcover designer on a regular basis, no more now. His poetry and poetic passages published in various literature magazines...

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