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Melissa Badescu - Canadian Artist

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Melissa Badescu canadian artist

Melissa Badescu canadian artist

Melissa Badescu canadian artist

Media - Acrylics
Email - [email protected]
Website -

It all started out as a challenge to me four years ago.  In childhood my art teacher didn't believe in my abilities and little talent was hidden in me so I thought why not try and see what will come out.  I knew nothing of art or rules but I love colors, nature and people's facial expression. My main focus is on trees and eyes as it can easily identify throughout my work.

 I love working with acrylics, it gives me the opportunity to play with them as I like, the only rule I follow is that of pleasing the eye-site, they're not messy and dry fast and this gives the advantage of seeing your finished masterpiece in no time. As long as the color is rich and bold I won't favor one to another, I like them all just the same.

Speaking of sketches and drawings I do have a preferred medium I work with.  Here too it brings me back once again to nature using its element - carbon, yes charcoal is the one I prefer, the perfect tool in drawing. When I choose a subject it doesn't necessarily reflect my mood as it usually happens with painting, it transmit me a story that I like to transpose through the sketch.

I have successfully participated in art and crafts exhibits in Illinois and Wisconsin, and currently some of my work can be viewed in Port Credit at Napoca.  I am registered for the 49th juried Art Show in Aurora, May 6 -9, 2011 and I will participate to the Romanian-Canadian fourth edition at City Hall Kitchener on June, 2011. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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