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Liane Pinel - Artist From Canada

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Liane Pinel canadian artist

Liane Pinel canadian artist

Liane Pinel canadian artist

Liane Pinel canadian artist

Media - Photography
Address - #3 117 Main St NW, Airdrie, AB, T4B 0R3
Phone - 587-892-8811
Email -
Website -

Artist/photographer Liane Pinel takes the tiny to the magnificent in a breath. Her attention to the smallest details in her macro work and to the fantastic color and clarity of her liquid in motion work leaves you wanting more. She is an artist who captures individual moments in time to help collectors emerge and evolve in the now!

Liane utilizes just about any liquid imaginable in her liquid in motion photography and captures each drop or ripple one at a time. This gives her the ability to move around the motion quickly to capture different perspectives and stay as much in the "flow" as the liquid itself. Her eye for the selective focus in her macro work originally comes from the direction of her young daughter who loves all things tinier than she is and wants to know how everything grows. The majority of Liane's photographs are taken handheld. The tightly woven polyester fabric medium into which Liane's one of a kind originals are dyed/printed is unique, leaving her in a category unto herself.

Liane Pinel is an artist with a unique look at some things that we take for granted and overlook. An artist, painter and sculptress she discovered that she had an eye for photography only a few short years ago. Starting out with the normal flower and child pictures she then narrowed her focus as she began to see the world through her daughters eyes and the tiny world she had almost forgotten became fascinating again.

Liane is a mom of grown sons and a  young daughter. Born in Germany to a fighter pilot officer of the Royal Canadian Air Force and his soul mate, she spent most of her early years in eastern Canada after the move back when she was 3 and a half. At 21 she spread her wings and came west where she has called Alberta home for the past 25 years spending summers in the gorgeous Okanogan of BC.

Her unique outlook has allowed her to find some very mundane things and turn them magical! | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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