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Christian Bernard Singer canadian artist

Christian Bernard Singer canadian artist

Christian Bernard Singer canadian artist

Media - Oil Paintings
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All artist start off somewhere and when they do, they search for a subject matter.  I know that I was put on earth for one reason - to create arts of the beauty and also of the existing spoiled nature, which are my subject matters.

I love to paint images that evoke mystery of ocean's rocks, rugged coastlines and leave the viewer wondering. Why is that? Or how is that possible?

My experiences in wilderness inspire me to paint, to share the wonder and exquisite grace of Nova Scotia's ocean coastlines and the environment surrounded it.

I hope my artwork will show how precious wilderness is and will instill in others a sense of respect for it and a willingness to act accordingly.

I paint outside whenever I can because I love the beauty of nature and find it spiritually uplifting and healing to be in the middle of it.  When I am painting abstractly I have discovered many things about myself, which I cannot express in words. Sometimes I will create a composite scene from memory, which brings me a feeling of peace.

Painting is a way of expressing my gratitude to God for life and for this beautiful world. I try to help others feel the emotion I felt when I viewed a scene. I am spending a lot of hours to search and adventure unspoiled places around the Nova Scotia's coastlines and then later trying to express my feelings on canvases.

I strive to have my paintings show sensitivity to mood by creating a luminous glow within them. Light is to me a spiritual concept, and it is a major focus of my art. I want viewers not only to see my painting, but also to see into the painting. I am deeply hoping that in one day is going to bring an aspect with savings & conservations of a beautiful nature.

Always I dreamed and had goals to create a new artistic language showing a beauty of Nova Scotia's shore lines, just in my own way! It is my hope that these works bring peace, healing and balance to the sensitive viewer. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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