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Roland Rafael Repczuk - Artist From Germany

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Roland Rafael Repczuk german artist

Roland Rafael Repczuk german artist

Roland Rafael Repczuk german artist

Media - Oil Painting
Website -
Email - [email protected]

I have been kissed as a free artist by seven muses,
which is the fact why it is hard for me  to define a main focus in my work. I enjoy the luxury of being able to spend my whole life to the creative forces. For me it is not clear why I have deserved this privilege.

Vita - min - B

A decisive influence on my development of becoming an artist, had especially my narrow connection to the German art metropolises Kassel, the town of my birth, Cologne and Dusseldorf, as well as the musical adjustment in my family.
My financial independence allows me free orientation,
free work and traveling , presents, whose value is inestimable.

1963 born in the art metropolis Kassel - town of the Dokumenta
1966 change of location to the North Eifel, Euskirchen / Cologne
1970  school enrolment
1978 intensive contacts to the artist Gustav Breuer
1980 action art on the national holiday, 14th July, Carqueiranne / Côte of d' azure within German French friendship
1981 exhibition in the city hall Euskirchen
1981 exhibition at Marien's school Euskirchen
1981- 3 days of performance in Sacré Coeur
1981 action art Amsterdam
1982 Nice - interruption of the performance " art and life in the Côte d'Azur " after a Pileup at the place of the event.
1980, 1980-1983 acting
1983 winner of  the open commpitive bidding " art and environmental destruction " Eifel
1983 change / beginning of the years of travel
1983 life and creation in the Provence
1984 orientation and Odyssey
1984 exhibion in the health resort house Bath Münstereifel:
1984 art und cultural trip for 4 weeks through France with  Beuyss' student Rüdiger Axel Westphal - it ends in a quarrel-
1984 exhibition in the conveyor circle of contemporary culture / Euskirchen
1984 art journeys  to Rome, Florence and Pisa
1984 intensive contacts to the music scene of Cologne and the region Eifel
1984, 1984-1985 lives in the South of France
1985 turning from the contemporary modern age to the old craft.
1986 survives unscathed the flash impact within spitting distance
1986 beginning of a long-standing creation period
1986 Paris / Louvre - studies  the "astronomer" by Vermeer van Delft
1987 Paris / Louvre - studies  the "geographer"by  Vermeer van Delft
1987 contact with Fluxus - present of an art object  with a value of 100000.-DM Destruction within the scope of a performance
1987-1992 cocreation of the Design-und art hotel "Eifelhotel" in Euskirchen
1987 exhibition in Euskirchen "chaos"
1987 exhibition in the art bar "Dada", Euskirchen
1988 move to the majority space studio Schleiden
1988 exhibition in the stage bar "Anonymous" in Bonn
1989 exhibition in Schleiden - old needlework / Swiftly
In 1990 invitation to  Art Cologne
1991 publication of the painting "catatonic defecation" as a front cover for the Cologne cult tape Kookaburras / Martin Pütz / Achim Bettermann - Big Noise Records
1991 birth of his daughter
1991 creative event for the inauguration of the art palace in North Germany
the wall painting " the holy cow " originates in critical discussion with methods of the mass keeping of pets in collaboration with the artists Jean-Claude Cornelis and Ciamac Bazazzi - It comes to the eclat
1992 studies of the philosophy and quantum physics. Aldous Huxley takes with his work " The Gates of the perception " now the determining influence on the  following development of the Artist.
1992 exhibition in a money- financial institution in Nortorf
1992 painting exposition in a money- financiall institution in Heide
1993 exposition in Itzehoe / Schleswig - Holstein
1993 exhibition in the cultural centre of the town Rhede, the birthplace of his wife
1993 Africa trip
1994 birth of his son
1995 art cooperation with Beuyss' student Rainer Maria Latzke and his brother A.M.C.Latzke
1996 excursion to the Near East
1996 break in the Cote d'Azur
1997 break in the Cote d'Azur
1998 visit of the Belgian cultural metropolises Brugge and Ghent.
1999 fire sculpture - the dynamic duet excites the minds.
2000 pacification of the cliffs of a Celtic cult site Eifel / Keldenich
2001 - 12 months of lasting work on the project " art and sculpture in the living scenery "
2002 guest's stay on Malta. Pilgrim's trip to the cultural centres.
2003 art opening in the old mill - Hanerau Hademarschen
since 2004 yearly - 14th July to the French national holiday "Open House" with international guests
2005 Africa trip
2006 - 15 months of lasting work on a three-dimensional surrealistic mosaic
2007 equipment of the private recording studio
2007 opening from the Online gallery
2008 break in Dresden
2008 admission in the project " garden routes between the seas "

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