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Yulianto Liestiono - Artist From Indonesia

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Yulianto Liestiono indonesian artist

Yulianto Liestiono indonesian artist

Yulianto Liestiono indonesian artist

Media - Oil Paintings
Email - [email protected]
Website -

Born: Magelang 17 April 1957
Address: Jl. Musi Raya 62. East Depok, West Java, Indonesia
Tel / Fax: 62.21. 7703624
email: [email protected]
Education: Art Institute of Indonesia Yogyakarta (1978 -1985).
Passed by obtaining the best value.

Group Exhibition  :

2010: Exhibition "Detergent" TIM Jakarta
2009: Exhibition "EXPOSIGN" in Yogyakarta
2008: "Abstract Art Indonesia" Yogyakarta Cultural Park
  "Color Warni Jakarta" Jakarta TEAM
2007: "Illustration Compass" Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali.
"HIPTA" Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta.
2005: "From Jakarta with Love" at the Sahid Hotel Jakarta
"Eye-Eye Jakarta" in the National Gallery Jakarta
"Spirit of Unity" at the WTC Jakarta.
"Golden Palette" Ancol Jakarta
"Pre Bali Biennale" JDBA Gallery Jakarta
"1,000,000" DAIHATSU in Jakarta
2004: Exhibition recalls Raden Saleh in Jakarta Museum of Fine Arts
The exhibition "CONTEMPORARY ABSTRACT" at Gallery 678 Jakarta
Bidakara joint exhibition in Jakarta
Exhibition with "JAKART" in WTC Jakarta
"Stunned IX" WTC, Jakarta
  "Stunned X" WTC, Jakarta
  "Crown Plaza" Jakarta
2003: Exhibition "from ABAS to Dumas' at the Millennium Gallery, Jakarta.
: "Metropolitan" in Mondecor Gallery, Jakarta.
: "Borobudur Borobudur Borobudur" (Borobudur International Festival)
                  2003 in Magelang Widayat Museum.
2002: "Note the Millennium", at the Millennium Gallery, Jakarta.
"Be happy with our art" with Irawan Karseno Miro Gallery in Bogor
2001: "Abstract Tradition And Modern" at the Gallery Sriyanto, Jakarta.
"HIPTA" [Association of Painters Jakarta] in TIM, Jakarta.
"The Reality of Abstraction" at the World Trade Center, Jakarta.
"HIPTA" at the Millennium Gallery, Jakarta.
"30 th studio Gods" at the National Gallery, Jakarta.
"HIPTA" Culture in the Central Jakarta.
"Interruption" in the Millennium Gallery, Jakarta.

2000: "COSMOART" at the Millennium Gallery, Jakarta.
"Jakarta Art Circle" in TIM, Jakarta.
"GAPURA RAYA" in TIM, Jakarta.
"Joint Exhibition, Jakarta - Jogja" at the Hotel LOR Inn, Surakarta
"ABSTRACT Festival" at the Millennium Gallery, Jakarta.
1999: "Alumnus of the ISI / ASRI" at the World Trade Center, Jakarta.
"BOTH" in German with Bambang Prasadhi Center, Serpong Tangerang
"JOURNEY IN INDONESIA Abstract Painting" at Java Gallery, Jakarta.
"Exhibition of Threes" in TIM, Jakarta.
"Abstract Contemporary" at Koong Gallery, Jakarta.
"Phenomena URBAN COMMUNITY" at the Millennium Gallery, Jakarta.
1998: "Small Offerings" in Indosteak, Jakarta.
"82 ALUMNI ISI / ASRI at the World Trade Center, Jakarta.
"17 Artists" at LIPPO Cikarang.
1996: "STOCK PAINTING" at Ancol Jakarta.
1994: "FIVE PAINTER MAGELANG" in BRA Mitsubishi Dealer, Jakarta.
1993: "GROUP ELEVEN" at CITIBANK Sudirman, Jakarta.
1992: "National Conference PKBSI" in Manggala Wanabhakti, Jakarta.
1987: "Project PengembanganKesenian Central Java" in Magelang.
1982: "YOUNG ARTISTS MAGELANG" in Quezon City.
"SANGGAR Gods" in the Karta Reader, Jogjakarta.
"Indonesia Art Exhibition" in TIM, Jakarta.
"HIMA STSRI ASRI painting at the National Press Monument, Surakarta.
1981: "YOUNG ARTISTS MAGELANG" in Magelang.
"Sad Image" at the Monument National Press, Surakarta.


2003: in "Tembi Gallery", Jogjakarta.
2002: "I AM" in Taman Ismail Marjuki, Jakarta.
1999: the "GTZ" Horizon Tower, Jakarta.
in "CITIBANK Sudirman" Jakarta.
1998: the "Oh La La Cafe"
Plaza Senayan, Pondok Indah Mall, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta

Other activities
1998 - 2004:: Establishing and Managing the Gallery of Fine Arts "Millennium" Jakarta.
2006 - present: Establishing Training for child painting "ARTmania" in Depok
2009 - Now: Working in the subject matter Hadiprana Art Centre,
                                      Kemang, Jakarta
                                      Teaching in "Hadiprana Art Class" Rawamangun, Jakarta. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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