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Ujwala Prabhu - Artist From India

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Rajesh Muliya indian artist

Rajesh Muliya indian artist

Rajesh Muliya indian artist

Media - Oil, Acrylics, Pen&Ink, Printmaking
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I guess I would have to classify myself as a "self taught" artist not having an MFA or a BFA degree.  I am a happy mix of self learning and a bit more formally from artists in workshops and institutions.  And after 5 years of figuring out things, I wouldn't want it any other way!

The journey of understanding and making art, for me, is a continuous learning process: Improving existing skills, learning new ones and most of all growing with the experiments and experience.  Drawing and painting are an integral part of my life, something I am passionate about. This blog, Maya, documents the road traveled thus far.

People, their moods, interactions and emotions are an ongoing source of curiosity and interest to me. What I'm searching for is their inner personalities, their thoughts and there are stories I build around them as I work. I like portraying feelings of people when they are alone, lost in their thoughts, caught unawares. Those are the special moments that appeal to me most. I love to experiment and use a variety of medium ranging from oil, charcoal, printmaking, clay to the digital medium. Regardless, my focus remains fixed on the human form. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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