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Paul Rose - Irish Artist

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Paul Rose irish artist

Paul Rose irish artist

Paul Rose irish artist

Paul Rose irish artist

Media - Oil/ Acrylic, and Mixed Media Painting
Phone - 0861984144
Email - [email protected]

I began painting in 2005 after I was assaulted at work while nursing and as a result of this became mentally ill with depression, PTSD depression, PTSD and a physical disability,  and unable to return to nursing duties. During this time I found art to be very helpful.

My artistic practice is engaged with social, cultural and identity stemming from feelings and memories and consider my work as a journey through life.
I don't set out to produce art about one subject or another within the above, and I'm never without a sketchbook and camera to hand so I am constantly drawing and taking photographs and sometimes the drawings and photos are left in the sketchbook and other times they develop into more in-depth ideas and detailed images.

My purpose has always been to convey a scenario by providing paintings in abstract or even non-abstract form for the viewer to piece together the works for their own perception and understanding, each viewer takes something a little different from the same picture which I am  happy with and attempt to execute.

Each project often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings. I am also very interested in the way paint and various medias interact and move within each other, which you can see within many of my works.

During research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work. Past projects have been relating to my nightmares during PTSD, portraits of people within a day hospital which is still ongoing. The project I am working on at the moment is in relation to the Wetlands/Bogs of Ireland.

I have always been fascinated by the Irish Wetlands/bogs. Irelands peat bogs are valued landscapes and places of unique flora and fauna, they feature throughout Irish history, art, music and folklore, they appear to be ever present and never ending. It's topography which is transformed by ever changing light, at times crammed or lost in dejection, sometimes standing full of pride with  an impression of poignant restraint, calmness, wellbeing and ruggedness. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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