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Jeganathan Ramachandram - Artist From Malaysia

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Jeganathan Ramachandram malaysian artist

Jeganathan Ramachandram malaysian artist

Jeganathan Ramachandram malaysian artist

Media - Acrylics, Oil Pastel, Poster Colour
Email - [email protected]
Website -

Jeganathan Ramachandram was born on 17 July 1962 in Malaysia. Like any creative person, his interest has always been wide and varied, but for need of description, he can be closely categorized as an artist, ,author, poet and more. His yearning for the deep meaning and mysteries of life has been a long and continuous one, and not surprising, his works symbolically represent how he sees our physical, psychological and spiritual connection with the universe around us.

As for his art training, Jeganathan studied fine arts and traditional Indian painting (Tanjore Art) under Babu Surender, in Chennai, India from 1982 to 1984; granite sculpturing under Sthapathi Thangavelu Achari from Thirupathi,India; wood carving under Muthusamy Achari, Indian Classical music with 'Vithvan' Veena Arjuna in Madras and also Tantric art with Bootha Muni.

Among the very few Malaysian Indian artists, Jeganathan has exhibited his works in the National Art Gallery, Petronas Gallery, Pall Mall, London and other leading galleries since 1984. A former artist with a leading daily, Jeganathan devoted to painting full time in 2004 when he opened his own art gallery/studio called Symbols House of Natural Art in his hometown. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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