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Karin Bos - Artist From Netherlands

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Karin Bos netherland artist

Karin Bos netherland artist

Karin Bos netherland artist

Media - Painting, Drawing, Printing
Email - [email protected]
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Karin Bos is born on May 9th 1966 in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. In 1989 she graduated at the Amsterdam School of Fine Arts. She lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her main media are painting, drawing and printing.

The image evoked by the work of Karin Bos is one of a nice world at first sight. Bright colors and references of childhood contribute to this. However, slightly absurd dissonants and frictions result in unanswered questions.

People are the main subject of the work of Karin Bos. She's especially interested in their peculiarities and their mutual relative power and relations. Her work deals with sociological issues such as power and sexuality which she presents in a humorous way.

In the recent works of Karin Bos young women play the leading role. They are powerful and vulnerable, dangerous and innocent, daring and touching at the same time. Several recent series accomplished by Karin Bos are Feel Good, Showgirls, Gamegirls and Fairyqueens

In her most recent work the focus shifts from loners to groups. These groups conduct along indistinct behavioural codes, leaving anyone else locked out.

In some recent paintings the people are no longer visible, but their presence is still remnant. These works obtain their suspense neither by the act nor the radiance of a figure, but just by the colours and how it is painted. Outdoor life and nature are playing a part in this latest series. The title of this work in progress is "A trip to the countryside".

A catalogue "A trip to the countryside" will be published, containing an essay by Rob Perrée. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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