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Dieter de Groot - Artist From Netherlands

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Dieter de Groot netherland artist

Dieter de Groot netherland artist

Dieter de Groot netherland artist

Media - Sculptures
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Atelier De Groot also called "the sculpting factory", has been established in the old electricity's guard building of the former coal mine "Julia"in Kerkrade the Netherlands.
An order of light and large classrooms form the background of the workshop of expressive artist Dieter de Groot.
The activities of the studio is divided into three divisions:

1 Own work: In bronze poured thoughts, which in an entire own style shows his individual involvement. Therefore the connection to his art becomes clear.
2 Commissions: Bronze sculptures, busts, plaquetttes and designs for companies, institutions and private persons.
3 Courses/ workshops for beginners and more advanced students from the Euregio, whom in a creative manner wants to express themselves, under the personal supervising of Dieter de Groot.

Dieter played as a child already with paint and clay, with changing success.
After his adolecence he chose definitively for a career in the art.
After many years in search for his personal expression, where he followed several workshops and courses, he ran fixed.
On insistance of a mentor Dieter decided his motto 'A wild rose is more beautiful than a cultivated one' to let go, and submitted an application for an academic training.
It became the academy for applied art in Maastricht.
Direction "Monumentally paints' After one and a half years Dieter decided to leave the academy. The training made him realize what his true expressions form was.
Naturally this is where he begun with.............. the clay | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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