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Reuel Revere - South African Artist

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south african artist Reuel Revere

south african artist Reuel Revere

south african artist Reuel Revere

Media - Oil Painting
Phone - +2778 925 9036
Email - [email protected]


Artist, Reuel Revere was born and bread in the beautiful Limpopo Province of South Africa, in 1970.

He was inspired in elementary years by observing his creative mother drawing pastel portraits.  In maintaining a farm it was unavoidable to learn from his father how to create strategically and improvise as part of daily habitual thinking.  This Natural environment constituted to soul searching and an explosion of creativity.  Reuel felt a deep need to share the beauty of nature he so easily observed in various forms of Art.

Reuel Revere's love and passion for art, wildlife, nature conservation, and reverence for all living things, triggered him to embark on his artistic career in 1994. Whilst expressing his innate raw talent and the ability to translate observed beauty into breathtaking fine art, that he found his destined path

His realisation of the privilege of the gift of creating talent brought contentment through the joy of self-expression.  Reuel Revere's success in getting notable accolades for his pieces fuelled his capacity for creating and developing his gift, techniques and styles.

Each of Reuel's completed creations impersonates a reservoir of experience, perseverance and deep seated passion for the soul to find.

The complex textures, unique surfaces and beauty of his paintings are a testament to his talent and heartfelt expression.
Reuel Revere has a deep-seated knowing that his artistic gift gracefully chose him before he even considered pursuing art.

Reuel Revere artworks range from very realistic in style, to impressionistic. He depicts his subjects and their surroundings as realistic as possible, whilst still enticing the viewer to use his or her imagination in perception.  In humorous fashion Reuel comments that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Yet there is firm believe that true talent compels the viewer to stand in awe.

Reuel typically breaths in the atmosphere surrounding his subjects and magnify it with his unique style.

Reuel Revere artwork trots around the globe gracing the homes and establishments of those who are so in awe of his expressive vision from United States, Canada, Cyprus, Spain, Austria, Germany and Australia to the Far East. Reuel Revere Fine Art is not only an investment for the eye of the beholder, but also a sound financial investment.

Reuel's style varies from nature and wildlife scenes to artistic and tasteful nude fine art studies.

Reuel resides in the beautiful Somerset West, near Cape Town, surrounded by some of the most awe inspiring scenery you will find in South Africa and the world.

Reuel Revere envisage planting his artistic roots combined with his talented family on a game farm in the wilderness in Canada, whilst striving to produce his artistic views of the people, the country and its wildlife.  In the meantime the world remains his oyster and new inspiration reveals itself to Reuel continuously. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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