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Carlos Pardo - Artist From Spain

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Carlos Pardo spanish artist

Carlos Pardo spanish artist

Carlos Pardo spanish artist

Carlos Pardo spanish artist

Media - Paintings
Address - Rua  dos Pelamios  5, 3ºF
15705 Santiago de Compostela,  Spain
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Ferrol  1968 (A Coruña,  Spain).  Oniric cityscapes from traveler point of view.  Artistically autodidact.

In his imaginary urban landscapes there are overlaid elements of towns he has visited, some imagined, and maybe dreamed, but all with a unique feminine soul.

The Town is a mother, lover, or daughter of the actions, dreams and passions of those who dwell in them or recall them in the distance. It is an idea in which wander those who have been caught up in its infinite labyrinth.


Carlos Pardo's painting shows us a figurative, though speculative, form of expression in which the town, the real protagonist of his paintings, becomes an autonomous plastic element, surreal and metaphysical. Its anonymous inhabitants, and especially its mysterious women, are part of its hectic movement or are silent, dazed spectators of its enormity; they are part of the spell.

The forms are distorted by emotion, the use of arbitrary colours mainly warm ones, a free brush stroke which does not renounce to some decorativism (Art-Deco stream), the asymmetry, some times the darkness and at other times the light backgrounds, or the intentional playing with spaces... they remind us of influences like Bosch, El Greco or Goya or others closer to us, like Romanticism, (Friedrich), Modernism (Ramón Casas, Klimt), Fauvism and Expressionism. Using these as starting points, the artist creates his own language, which is in constant development through research and evolution.

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