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Annunziata Fiumi-Loosli - Artist From Switzerland

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Annunziata Fiumi-Loosli swiss artist

Annunziata Fiumi-Loosli swiss artist

Annunziata Fiumi-Loosli swiss artist

Annunziata Fiumi-Loosli swiss artist

Media - Oil Painting, Watercolours, Mixed Media
Phone - +41 (0) 33 222 73 59
Email - [email protected]
Website -

Annunziata Fiumi, born 1946 in Passignano at the Lake Trasimeno by Perugia in Italy, was shaped by the beauty of her home-lake and the nature very early. One in her proximity managing, today famous artists, whom she observed with the mark often and alertly, just as miscellaneous art-courses have motivated her to it, itself, to develop her own, very lifelike style in the landscape - and nature-art.

Her family moved in Switzerland as she was a young girl. In her leisure time, she devoted herself to the art and the further education as well as the study the old Italian masters and the modern art.

Already with 22 years, her landscapes excited the interest of the present public at a showing of Italian artists living in the foreign countries.

1971, Annunziata married Pierre Loosli, a Swiss engineer, and accompanied her husband for several years to Algeria. These years have influenced her artistic sensitivity strongly.

After different residences, the couple established itself 1980 near Thun in Switzerland. Finally Annunziata could, with the support of her husband, develop in this beautiful surroundings with her art itself in stillness.

So, various works were created in the divers techniques as watercolour, tempera, gouache and oil.

In Italy, she displayed her pictures of landscape and flowers several times and achieved emotion and acknowledgement in her birth-country.

1984, she also displayed in home-mountain and Ütendorf in the canton Bern.

1990, she became together with other known artists, under it representatives of the movements born in Italy "Ipermanierismo " and " Pittura Colta ", Arduini, Baragli, Civerchia, Castelli, Fumagalli etc, as selected representative of the current Italian representational art to show some of her works in a exhibition over contemporary art from Italy in Burgwedel at Hanover.

In the spring 1991, also the french speaking swiss people could enjoy themselves on the occasion of a showing near Lausanne at her flowerspictures, Landscapes and for the first time abstract art.

Her works were subsequent to see in a bank in Bern for some months.

In December 1991, Annunziata Fiumi took part in a community-showing in the gallery Kyburg in Thun. The press of her " winter-picture " was impressed there.

Further expositions:
December 1991:
 Galleria dell'Arte in Thun (CH)
May 1992:
 Gallery Aarehüsi in Thun (CH)
November 1992:
 Gallery Artemia in Interlaken (CH)
August 1993:
 Gallery Artis in Basel (CH)
November 1993:
 Hotel " La Perla " in Lugano - Agno (CH)
May 1994:
 Gallery Artecultura in Milan (I)
November 1994:
 Gallery " Alte Seilerei " in Mühledorf (CH)
August until November 1995:
 Inn "zum Löwen" in Mollis (CH)
December 1995 and January 1996:
 Gallery " Gare de l'Ouest " in Zurich (CH)
February until middle of August 1996:
 Showing "art - and residential-culture in the braid" in Leutwil at the Hallwilersee (CH)
July 1996:
 Collective-showing in the congress-house of Saarbrücken (D)
October 1996:
 Gallery Aarehüsi in Thun (CH)
October and November 1996:
 Gallery " Kleiner Prinz " in Baden - Baden (D)
February until April 1997:
 Restaurant "Hähli" in Thörishaus (CH) Hotel du Moléson in Flamatt (CH)
February until September 1997:
 Collective-showing in the Inn "zum Löwen" in Mollis (CH)
March 1997:
 Jubilee-showing of the "Europäischen Kulturkreis" in the house of the economy and industry in Düsseldorf (D)
June 1997:
 Collective-showing in the congress-center of Grindelwald (CH)
September 1997:
 Collective-showing in the concert - and congress-foyer, Bamberg (D),
September 1997:
 Gallery " studio degli artisti ", Brescia (I),
January until March 1998:
 Restaurant Sternen, Wimmis, (CH)
June 1998:
 Village-museum, Lengnau (CH.),
July 1998:
 Seehotel Baumgarten in Kehrsiten (CH)
September 1998:
 Collective-showing in the Kursaal of Engelberg
March 1999:
 Village-museum " old Schmitte " in Seengen (CH)
September 1999:
 Collective-showing in the Kursaal of Engelberg (CH)
December 1999:
 Christmas-showing in the "Ausbildungs - and Kulturzentrum Ehrlengut", Steffisburg (CH)
May until July 2000
 Hotel Seepark in Thun (CH)
September 2000
 EUROART 2000, Barcelona (SP), Collective-showing
March 2001
February 2001
 Gallery "Centro storico", Florence (I)
June 2001
 ARTEEXPO 2001 , Monza (I)
November until December 2001
 Festival Internazionale della Pittura Contemporanea, Sanremo (I)
December 2001
 Biennale internazionale dell'arte contemporanea, Florence (I)
December 2001
 Galeria Immagini Spazio Arte, Cremona (I)
June until September 2002
 Gallery "Kyburz" in Thun(CH)
September 2002 until September 2003
 Gallery Artitude in Paris
October 2002
 Gallery Sem Brouk in Moskow
January bis February 2003
 Gallery Aarehüsi in Thun (CH)
February 2003
 Mercat Vel in Sitges (Barcelona)
March 2003
 Fédération Internationale des Artistes Plasticiens (ACEA'S) in Barcelona
Mai 2003
 World Météorological Organisation (WMO), Palais des Nations (ONU), Geneva
Juli 2003
 Saint Petersburg Blok gallery in St. Petersburg (RU)
September 2003
 Biennale d'Arte Contemporanea "Ippolito Caffi" in Museo Centrale Risorgimento in "Vittoriano" in Rom (I)
December 2003
April 2004
 Gallery Artitude in Paris
June 2005
 Centro espositivo "Rocca Paolina" a Perugia (I)
July 2005
 Exhibition "Made in France", Gallery "Camaver Kunsthaus" à Lecco (I)
October 2005
 Gallery "Art et Cadres", Versoix (CH)
November 2006
 INDEX Dubaï 2006, 16Th International middle east furniture and interior
November 2007 - January 2008
 Vienna, AMCA, ACT Museum of Contemporary Art


October 1996:
 Euro - art-badge, Baden - Baden (D)
March 1997:
 Euro - honorary-needle in gold, Düsseldorf (D)
June 1997:
 Euro - honorary -price, Grindelwald (CH)
September 1999
 Euro - honorary-goblet, Engelberg (CH)
September 2000
 Premio alla carriera 2000, Ferrara (I)
February 2001
 Coppa "PACIS" Accademia internazionale "Il Marzocco", Florence (I)
February 2001
 Premio d'Onore, Associazione "Galleria Centro Storico", Firenze
March 2001
 Diploma di Merito, Accademia Italiana "Gli Etruschi", Vada (I)
June 2001
 Nomination as Accademica Associata, Accademia Internazionale "Greci Marino"
September 2001
 New York Prize 2001, Restore Art Gallery, New York
October 2001
 Arco della Pace Universale, Città di Vercelli 2001
October 2001
 Nomination as Accademica Gentilizia, Accademia Internazionale "Il Marzocco", Florenz (I)
November 2001
 Toile d'Or de l'année 2000, Fédération Nationale de la Culture Française
December 2001
 Oscar della Cultura 2001, Associazione "Galleria Centro Storico", Florence (I)
December 2001
 First Price, Premio Accademia di Belle Arti di Sanremo "Isadora Duncan"
December 2001
 Premio Internazionale d'Arte "Artista dell'anno 2000, Accademia Internazionale "Europa", Catania (I)
February 2002
 Premio speciale "Il fiore nell'arte", Trofeo Luigi Valenti, Concorso Nazionale Cremona 2000 (I).
May 2002
 Premio d'onore "L'Aquila della Libertà", Accademia Italiana "Gli Etruschi",. Vada (I)
June 2002
 Premio Cuba 2002, Cuba
December 2002
 Gran Premio Città Cosmopolita, "Genova 2002"
März 2003
 Diplom, Mencó d'Honor, Fédération Internationale des Artistes Plasticiens (ACEA'S) in Barcelona
Mai 2003
 Fisrt Price ex aequo for painting, World Météorological Organisation (WMO), Palais des Nations (ONU), Geneva
Mai 2004
 Nomination as Cavaliere Accademico, Accademia Internazionale "Greci Marino"
June 2004
 Award "I grandi maestri del novecento", Il Quadrato, Milano
June 2004
 Award as "protagonista per una pittura dai soffusi cromatismi", Federazione Nazionale Esperti e Critici d'Arte "FENESPART", Roma, Genova, Milano, Sanremo
April 2005
 Medal of vermeil, Academy "Arts - Sciences - Lettres", Paris
July 2005
 "Mention d'excellence" for the style of the  works presented at the exhibition "Made in France", Galerie "Camaver Kunsthaus" in Lecco (I)
Dicember 2006
 Silver Cross, "Mérite et Dévouement Français, in Paris

Thought on the art

For me the art is the expression of the love of God, because it represents the beauty.

The art, moreover speaking to the heart with a universal language brings all the people together, crosses the centuries and connect them in every part of the world.

The works of great artists like Raffaello or Monet, Beethoven or Verdi, Dante or Leopardi, as a small example, without to forget all the other big poets, musicians sculptors painters etc, always fascinate me, affect me and are wonderful for me.

 These artists have worked with deep feeling, their great dignity and simpleness has embellished and ennobled the human mind, because they have dedicated their life to a great ideal: the Art.

Their experience, sometimes their suffering, their immense works teach and stimulate us to be modest and perhaps a little bit better.

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