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Emsity united kingdom artist

Emsity united kingdom artist

Emsity united kingdom artist

Media - Acrylics
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Emsity was 'conceived' in January 2011, and was 'born' following a visit to London's Tate Modern in July of the same year.  Bridget Riley acted as midwife and Wallisy Kandinsky cut the cord.   Taking inspiration from the delivery team, Emsity sets out to manipulate the senses and intrigue the mind.  Without formal training or qualification, Emsity enjoys the pleasure of experimentation with minimal expectations of result.

Horizontal lines characterise most of Emsity's earlier work, with perturbations introduced to  lead the mind into seeing three dimensional depth in the canvas. Through the introduction and removal of geometric shapes, the eye is led to see the edges of 'triangles' which do not exist.

Some departure from this formula occurred following a series of experiments in defined form leading to the diamond and egg images which stand without the horizontal lines.  A brief experiment in hybrid 'landscapes' followed, combining the abstract lines against a 'real world' background to simulate weather.  However this line of experiment has been terminated in favour of the original theme.

Currently Emsity is working to create greater depth within the canvas. The hope is to find the key to fooling the viewer into seeing an unobservable dimension. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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