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Fiona Long - Artist From United Kingdom

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Fiona Long united kingdom artist

Fiona Long united kingdom artist

Fiona Long united kingdom artist

Media - Sculptures and Paintings
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Fiona is now living in London and is studying a Fine Art BA at Wimbledon College of Art, part of the University of the Arts, London.

"The main motivation for my work is to encourage people to look at their worlds in a different way and to explore their surroundings with a kind of childhood excitement. I would love the opportunity to encourage a new way of looking into more people's lives. I like to focus on the everyday and bring a new twist to it, to explore a new way of perceiving.

My current work focuses on an investigation into what the archaeology of the future might be, following an apocalyptic event. What might the resulting population make of and from the relics we leave behind from our everyday lives? How ingenious might they be? What might their belief systems suggest? What is it like to live "After day X"? I focus on a point just beyond survival, examining the functionality of objects and the ingenuity of humankind. Using objects which are familiar to us and combining them with ancient bush-craft techniques, the resulting sculptures feel both comfortable and uncanny at the same time, encouraging the viewer to keep looking and place themselves in our time and place and to heighten their awareness of the world they live in now. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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