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Lily Adamczyk - Artist From The United States

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Lily Adamczyk united states artist

Lily Adamczyk united states artist

Media - Oil Paintings
Website -
Email - [email protected]

Some of the first things people notice about my paintings are the vibrant colors, and clouds that draw your attention to the mood of each piece as well as the attention to detail. I tend to favor realism for its attention to fine detail
Capturing the movement of a wave or the light on clouds is in every sense a challenge and the moment when all the elements are in harmony is fleeting. When all these elusive features are brought together successfully in a harmonious combination of colors and tones, reflecting various moods - I am excited to take the journey!
Primarily self taught I have been painting & displaying my work for over 35 years. I started painting the beaches of Southern California and found water and clouds to be among my favorite subjects whether it is a hidden brook or lazy stream to a majestic seascape. Since relocating to Las Vegas I have found a new passion for beautiful desert landscapes with some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever captured on canvas.
"Early on with my career, I developed a serious passion to express myself through my art. Each time I start a new piece, I feel as though I am starting on a new adventure; I never know where it may take me!" | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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