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Hikaru Hirata-Miyakawa - Artist From The United States

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Hikaru Hirata-Miyakawa united states artist

Hikaru Hirata-Miyakawa united states artist

Hikaru Hirata-Miyakawa united states artist

Media - Acrylics
Website -
Email - [email protected]

As an artist, Hikaru is a true Mannerist. While his work shows the mastery of 'Decoro,' 'Sprezzatura,' and 'grazia,' as defined by Baldassare Casteglione, the juxtaposition of the complex subjects and images equal that of Bronzino or Pontormo. Hikaru prefers to explore the hidden treasures of the dark, unconscious archetypal aspect of the universal collective psyche. As Carl Jung describes, the unacknowledged part of the unconscious psyche becomes more and more primitive and destructive. Via Apollonian light of reason, Hikaru illuminates the Dionysian, Eros and Thanatos, to bring about the equilibrium between the two worlds( In Japanese, Hikaru means 'to shine'). Since the absolute uniqueness does not exist, Hikaru actively uses recognizable images from the past as 'maniera'.

He also considers himself a realist, as well - tableau of the inner world is harnessed, then revealed as if a tangible object - a still life in the end, and he reminds us that no matter how mystical it may appear, it is just a painting, after all!

Hikaru is a full member of the Society of Art of Imagination (AOI) based in England and International Fantastic Art Association (IFAA) based in Japan. Hikaru has exhibited in the U.S.A., Japan, Europe, and Australia.

Hikaru's portfolio is on file in the Etude (Study/Archive) department of the Louvre Museum via the recommendation from the former Director of the Painting Department (now President of the Louvre Museum), Pierre Rosenberg. . | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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