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Jeff Hukill - Artist From The United States

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Jeff Hukill united states artist

Jeff Hukill united states artist

Jeff Hukill united states artist

Jeff Hukill united states artist

Media - Acrylics
Phone - 214 321 9793
Website -
Email - [email protected]

I was born in east Texas and currently live in Dallas. I've been painting professionally since 1975. I'm self-educated. The only formal education was a two year correspondence course from The Famous Artists School in Westport, Connecticut co-founded by Norman Rockwell.

I've studied the writings, paintings, and techniques of the old masters and the more contemporary painters such as Maxfield Parrish, Robert Henri, and Salvadore Dali,. I especially like Parrish's use of transparent oil glazing for developing my own technique for maintaining color depth, brightness, and clarity in my paintings. After painting with oils for many years I turned to acrylics for what I considered a more direct approach to transparent painting.

I've been studying dreams for over thirty years and I'm constantly refining my transparent technique of painting to match my ever growing awareness of the beauty and blessings of this amazing life. The technique of transparency has become my my symbol for the seamless overlap and transparent connection between dreams and the physical world of reality. To demonstrate that the inner and outer life is closely related, as if the same is ofmy greatest interest.

My studies of color and the theories on light and color perception, color and light mixing, the healing power of light and color, and color psychology come from several prominent sources including Faber Birren, Goethe, Kueppers, John Ott, Paul Twitchell, Ouseley, Johannes Itten, and Joseph Albers. And I know from my own experience as an artist that these studies, use and practices have a powerful and healing influence on the way I live, and the beauty and happiness I see and feel from life.

My paintings, collectively called Innerscapes, combine elements of imagination and realism to capture the visions I see in my dreams. I’ve studied dreams for over 30 years and truly believe that dreams can bring an understanding of who and what we are spiritually by showing us realities beyond this life of matter, space and time. Dreams touch the inner worlds, give us hope, strength, inspiration and possibility. They speak to us in a language of the heart and are one of the greatest mysteries of life to understand. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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