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JET III - Artist From The United States

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JET III united states artist

JET III united states artist

JET III united states artist

Media - All Media
Address - 9 Serpentine Road
Ringwood, NJ  07456, United States
Website -
Phone - 973-616-9789
Email - [email protected]

JET III Art & Photography

2009 Ringwood Public Library, Ringwood, NJ
2007 Kean University, Nancy Dryfoos Gallery Union, NJ (2 solo exhibitions)
2007 Ringwood Public Library, Ringwood, NJ (2 solo exhibitions)
1997 Skulski Polish Foundation Gallery Clark, NJ
1990: The Emerging Collector, N.Y.C., BHF Bank, N.Y.C.
1987: Helio Galleries, N.Y.C., Nite Gallery, N.Y.C.
1986: Pene du Bois Gallery, N.Y.C.
1984: Lucky Strike Gallery, N.Y.C.,
1983: Eighty Washington Square East Galleries, N.Y.C

Two Person:
1987: Nite Gallery, N.Y.C.
1982: Le Nid Gallery, Northport, N.Y.

Group Exhibitions:
2008 Morristown Community House Art Exhibition
2007 Morristown Community House Art Exhibitions
2007 Bergen County Annual Art Exhibition Paramus, NJ
2006 James Howe Gallery Kean University Union, NJ
2001: St. Catherine Patron of the Arts Art Exhibition Ringwood, NJ
1998 Skulski Gallery International Graphics Exhibition Clark, NJ,
1988-1993: The Emerging Collector Gallery N.Y.C.
1990: The Arsenal Gallery N.Y.C. Curated by Joshua Teplow:
1990 Woodstock Art Exhibition Curated by Anne Debriano,
1989 Kilimanjaro, N.Y.C. Curated by Anne Debriano,
1989 Mars Bar, N.Y.C. Curated by Toyo;
1989 65 Bleeker Street Gallery,
1989 Nice Biennial Nice, France,
1988: Emerging Collector, N.Y.C.
1987: Now Gallery N.Y.C.
1987 Helio Galleries, N.Y.C.
1987 Cuando Exhibition Space. N.Y.C.
1987 Artifacts Gallery Miami, Florida
1987 Nite Gallery, N.Y.C.
1987 ABC No Rio Gallery, N.Y.C. COLAB:
1987 The Art Director\'s Club Gallery Juried by Patterson Sims, Holly Solomon et al.,
1987 Discovery Gallery, Glen Cove, N.Y.
1987 Discovery Metro Gallery, L.I.C., N.Y.
1986: Jus De Pomme Gallery, N.Y.C. Curated by Emma Harvin,
1986 Helio Galleries, N.Y.C.,
1986 Eastman Wahmendorf Gallery, N.Y.C.
1986 Now Gallery, N.Y.C.
1986 No Se No Gallery, N.Y.C.
1986 Fusion Arts, N.Y.C.
1986 Forefront Gallery, L.I.C., N.Y.,
1986 Civilization, N.Y.C.
1986 Lebron, Sinclair,and Upton Legal Offices, N.Y.C.
1986 The Field, N.Y.C. Benefit and Auction,
1986 Nite Gallery, N.Y.C.\"Taking Liberties\",
1986 Greenwich Auction Room, N.Y.C.
1985: Eastman Wahmendorf Gallery, N.Y.C.,
1985 Nite Gallery N.Y.C. curated by Louis Lopes
1984 65 Spring Street, N.Y.C.
1984 Westbeth Gallery, N.Y.C.
1982 Art Complex East, Riverhead, N.Y.,
1982 Wilbur National Bank, Oneonta, N.Y.,
1982 Kaber Gallery, N.Y.C.,
1982 Shirley Scott Gallery, Southampton, N.Y.
1981 The Art Students League
1981 Five Towns Art Exhibition, Woodmere, N.Y.
1979 Le Grand Illusion Gallery, N.Y.C.,
1979 S.U.N.Y. Albany Gallery
Performance Art:

2004 - 85th- 83th Streets and Second Avenue NYC
1986 Now Gallery, N.Y.C.
1986 Fashion Moda, Bronx, NY
1986 Fusion Arts N.Y.C.
1986 Tompkins Square Park, N.Y.C.
Sponsored by the N.Y. Council on the Arts, N.Y.C.
1986 Pene Du Bois Gallery, N.Y.C.
1985 Now Gallery, N.Y.C.
Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, N.Y.
1981-1983 Cow Harbor Day, Northport, N.Y.

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