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Rod Schneider - Artist From The United States

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Douglas Schneider united states artist

Douglas Schneider united states artist

Douglas Schneider united states artist

Douglas Schneider united states artist

Media - Oil, Acrylic, and Watercolor Painting
Address - Valrico, Florida
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Rod Schneider

Artists Statement 4/7/2010

After many years of painting landscapes and still life, since 2000 my work has been centered on various concepts of abstract and non-objective art. While realist art is highly rewarding, I find abstracts a more satisfying and fulfilling means of expression in abstract art.

Every Artist stands on the shoulders of all Artists who have gone before. In my work Ive tried to build upon work by past artists, such as Pollock, Mondrian, Mitchell, and Miro, and to mold their concepts into my own personal styles. Consequently, Ive thus far, produced what I feel is a unique body of work, which is original, and exploratory, while still a continuation of historic movements. Thus, I feel my work is truly "Art for the 21st Century."

I have a passion for simplicity which is reflected in most of my work. Id like people to view my work as a means to escape from the unnecessary complexity of the modern world.

Since a great deal of my work is non-objective I prefer to leave interpretation of my work to the individual viewer.
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