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Aissatou Sene - Artist From The United States

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Aissatou Sene united states artist

Aissatou Sene united states artist

Media - Oil, Acrylic, Watercolors, Ink paintings
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My name is Aissatou Sene. I am originally from Dakar, Senegal.    I currently reside in Washington DC. I am a self taught Artist who started painting to appease depressive thoughts. It's therapeutic, a self discovery but mostly a spiritual process.I never visualize what I will create. I don't sketch, I don't draw, it just flows, I am guided by the transformation. I use all mediums, but mostly oil at the present time. One of my goals is to become an art therapist to help others channel their emotions through creative activities.

This is a poem I wrote about my paintings:
They came fast, eager, exposing me to my unconsciousness
They are my visions, yet your own
They are my words without the noise of a sound
They are love
They are pain
They are quietude
They are fears
They are joy
They are strength and courage
They are my dream
They are an unsure start, yet a certain finish
They transform and evolve
They are secretive and much about them doesn\'t meet the eye
They are foremost a gift and a blessing from Allah

               One Love
              Aissatou Sene
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