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Jared Steinberg - Artist From The United States

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Jared Steinberg united states artist

Jared Steinberg united states artist

Jared Steinberg united states artist

Media - Oil Paintings
Address - 3195 Blake Street, #105
Denver, CO 80205, United States
Website -
Email -

In observing the world around me, I have come to realize the vibratory condition emitted by energy and atmosphere. I am also fascinated with sensory data as perceived when I close my eyes, watching colors mingle and harmonize into fluid shapes and forms. My art combines these modes of seeing.

My oil paintings are narrative compositions based off perceptions of reality and recollections from my imagination. I distort the subject matter to fit within the dimensions of a canvas to tell my story. Using thin layers of glazes and hatch marks, I employ all six major hues in each of my paintings to achieve a unique balance of color and contrast. I work to push the depth of the canvas, giving the illusion of a third dimension on a two-dimensional surface. I describe my work as Contemporary Expressionism.

Over the years, I have created and cultivated a very personal collection of images such as water, earth, sky, buildings, people, and musical instruments. I am fascinated by their connections to each other, to me, and to the canvas. Learning from these relationships has provided me with the insight to initiate suggestions of stories, offering just enough information to allow a viewer's imagination the freedom to interpret it, based on their own experience. I frequently title my work with pop-culture references, such as a title or passage within a song or a book. This is as close as I come to offering my viewers a glimpse into my thought process. My paintings are intended to be an experience, providing the viewer with a unique perspective that I, myself, am learning to see better every day. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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