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Michael James Toomy - Artist From The United States

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Michael James Toomy united states artist

Michael James Toomy united states artist

Michael James Toomy united states artist


Media - Acrylics
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Email - [email protected]

Pop Artist Michael James Toomy paintings possess a humanity and sensitivity rarely seen in contemporary art. Giving a serious though provoking edge to his pop art style. His “Innocence” series of paintings convey the images of everyday people in extraordinary circumstances. Toomy has been painting & drawing since he was a child, but has received little professional artistic schooling, with the exception of some Saturday classes at the MFA Boston & continuing art education classes over the years.

As a young man Michael spent several years as musician and songwriter and was heavily influenced by the power and ability of great songwriter’s to pen lyrics that listener’s can identify with their own experiences, their past or dreams.

Michael has been involved with Live Nation’s Rock & Art Charity Event in Boston Ma. where his portrait of musician Mark Knopfler was sold on the spot to the actress Glenn Close. He also just created “Throwaway” for Amnesty International’s Chapter “The Boston Firefly Project.” Michael currently lives & works from his studio in New Hamphsire. Michael’s work has been featured in galleries and numerous group & solo shows. The artist currently works out of his studio in New Hampshire with wife & 2 children.

Artist Statement
I have always been drawn to the relationship between black & white. Their ability to both give an image a factual weight and at the same time they give the subject a dream-like quality. In my work I try to tell a story, leaving it up the viewer to interpert just what the story is, to fill in the blanks, leaving the images loose enough that the viewer can place themselves into the piece, placing their own histories into the work. Simply stated I want the viewer to emotionally connect with the painting & interpret it's meaning for themselves.

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