Whether it be coloring, painting, singing, or whatever else, everyone likes to do some form of art. Even the most crotchety people who seem like they have nothing better to do than complaint still have an artistic spark in them.

That being said, people also like to hang out with friends, family, and people that are close to them. Maybe you enjoy a movie night with your besties where you can watch that tearful romance movie or a simple board game with your siblings on a Sunday afternoon.

 Others might enjoy playing video games with the boys, such as a teams match of their favorite battle royale game. At the same time, others might like to have an epic poker night on Thunderbolt online casino.

However, sometimes people like to spice things up a bit. People want to do activities that evoke special memories and moments, and not just a game that they will have fun with or a movie they will enjoy.

It’s important to have activities where you will remember what it was like doing that with that person, rather than just how much you enjoyed the activity. And this is where that artistic spark comes back into play.

Doing artistic activities with other people is a great way to build bonds and get to know the other person (or people) better. It allows people to flex their creative muscles and express parts of themselves that you may not have seen otherwise.

This also means you can see how their minds work, how they choose to tackle problems, or what they choose to take upon themselves. What kinds of art are they more drawn to? Are there certain things they chose to make more than others?

All in all, art is just simple, fun, and insightful way to spend time with your friends. You will have fun spending time with them and doing the activity, and it will be insightful into how they might think and who they are on a deeper level.


I could be wrong, but I feel a lot of people look down on coloring as a form of art. It is looked on as something meant more for kids. Something simple that is fun but isn’t a real “artform.”

However, to the poorness of my knowledge, this is untrue. Coloring can be an incredibly creative endeavor. And, due to its simplicity, it is also a great activity to do with other people.

The lines are already made for you, so you don’t have to worry about doing all the fine detail linework of creating the scene. All you need to do is bring it to life with colors and shades. Or, you could be cheeky and edit the coloring page to your heart’s content. 

Whatever you decide to do, all it takes is a coloring book of your choice, something to do the coloring with, and someone else to color with! After that, go wild! Make the page a rainbow mess, or try to work together to make the colors all match up. The choice is yours!

Sculpting / Pottery

Sculpting and pottery are two other art forms that I think can be fun to do with other people. Whether you decide to all make your own things and simply spend the time together, or make one thing together, you will still have a blast!

This is another activity where you can really learn a lot about other people. What do they decide to make? How do they decide to make it? Is what they make plainer or more intricate? All of these things can be expressed in their work.

It’s also messy, which is fun! You can laugh at your friends when they get clay all over their faces. It’s just full of opportunities to make wonderful moments and memories with the people you care about most.


Cooking is an excellent activity to spend time doing with other people. Eating is something everyone needs to do, and cooking is the way we prepare the food we need to eat.

However, it is more than that. Cooking has been a social activity amongst humans for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of years. Considering there is evidence of cooking, in general, going back a million years, I would not be surprised.

And there is a good reason for this. Cooking is the essence of what it means to care for other people. You are literally nurturing them and showing, “I am willing to give up these vital nutrients for you.”

This might be hard to understand in our modern world, where we have limitless abundance, but if you go back into our past, food was (and absolutely still is) a huge deal. Kingdoms rose and fell based on who controlled the food.

Cities were based around where people could grow food. People spend almost all of their time working to grow, raise, or hunt food. Needless to say, supplying people with food was, is, and probably will always be a huge industry and topic on greater humanity’s mind.

All of this is to say when you spend time cooking with others; you are taking part in an ancient tradition that has no borders. I don’t care where you live, where your ancestors come from, or who you are. All humans cooked, and all humans spent time cooking together.

Meals have, are, and always will be social activities. We want to nurture and show care for the people around us, and this is why I think spending time cooking with people you care about is such a powerful experience.

First of all, it’s simply fun. People generally like to cook. Even if they don’t usually cook on their own, if you had them come to cook as an activity, they will most likely have fun.

Second, cooking for other people has tremendous psychological benefits. All the more so if you bond with other people by cooking with others for others. You get to bond and spread a little altruism.

So whether you want to make cookies with your best friend, pizza with your little brothers, or a cake with your mom, go cook with someone! You will have fun, you will bond, and you will all get a tasty treat in the end as an added benefit!


Finally, another artsy activity you can do with your friends is to sing. It doesn’t really matter what, just pick some songs you all know, and sing them together. Whether it be camp songs around the backyard firepit or a pop song on a car ride, just sing.

Singing with others is a very emotional experience. It feels like you are getting into the sink with the people around you in a special way. Your voices come together to make something greater than the whole. 

It’s also a way to express yourself in a way that doesn’t have to feel embarrassing or like you are taking the spotlight. You are all singing together. If you all suck, it’s okay! Laugh about it, and have a blast! If you sound beautiful, then know that you have made something very special.