Art is an integral part of human nature. The first artists, 30,000 years ago, didn’t have much to go with in terms of tools, but the desire to create Art drove them to paint murals on walls that still exist today. Today, many Art schools offer students the opportunity to learn from professionals, but usually at very high costs that most learners can’t afford. If you’re eager to learn how to create Art but aren’t looking to attend an art school, then this article is just the right one for you because we dive into detail on 4 of the best ways to create Art without going to an art school.

4 Ways To Learn How To Create Art Without Going To Art School

While it’s possible to learn to create Art by yourself from scratch, it can be very time-consuming, and depending on your schedule; it might even be impossible. With time, comfort, and quality in mind, below are four ways you can learn how to create Art without going to an Art school:

● Skillshare

● Gets an Arts teacher

● YouTube

● Attend Art events


If you want to create Art but can’t spend too much, Skillshare is a great option. One, because you can learn at your own pace, and also because you have access to several independent artists eager to teach. On Skillshare, there are many courses, so if you want to study art history, you might find one that teaches that. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate artist, there’s a course for you. Also, you can read other students’ reviews if you aren’t sure whether a particular course is right for you. In many instances, course instructors offer free trials so that you won’t be risking your money, except for maybe your time.

Gets an Arts teacher

Online learning is great, but having someone by your side can give you that personal attention needed to excel in truly creating art. It’s important to note, however, that they usually aren’t cheap and can be hard to come by. If these hurdles aren’t a challenge for you, then you should probably go for an Arts teacher. The advantage they bring is the constructive feedback they provide and a teaching schedule and content tailored to your needs.


If you’re a student looking for a free method for learning how to create Art, then you can’t do better than YouTube. There are tons of free educational videos that cover everything from the basics to advanced concepts. As long as you have access to a computer and a strong internet connection, you can learn almost anything on YouTube. However, finding the right course for you might be challenging. As everything is free, you won’t find reviews. So, YouTube is the recommended option for learners willing and have the time to do the research needed to find the right Arts course.

Attend Art events

Art events are a great way to meet fellow learners as well as experts in the Arts industry. You can network and collaborate with other upcoming artists who might share some helpful knowledge through such events. Also, you can use such events to draw the inspiration needed to work on your projects. If you’re a student and find it difficult to attend such events, you may need an affordable and reliable undercover writer to help handle your essay assignments. Art events are also significant when you combine them with other forms of learning, like the ones mentioned in this article.

Bottom Line

If you love Arts and are willing to put in the effort, several great tools are at your disposal like the ones listed in this article. While some aren’t entirely free, the benefits they bring make them worth it. Hopefully, you have come to the same conclusion after reading this article, which has proven useful.

Author’s Bio

Barbara Fielder is a freelance digital artist and writer. She enjoys expressing her personality through her artworks and articles. She regularly writes for newbies looking to enter the Arts space without spending too much money on education.