Are you an online casinos enthusiast? If so, you might be wondering what the oldest casino in the world probably looked like.

You can only imagine how gamblers played their favorite games before casinos became advanced with fancy computers and entertainment. What kinds of classic games existed? Or what did the gaming halls look like?

Today, gambling has been modernized with new technology and reliable payment systems. But there is beauty and excitement in understanding old casinos. Let’s take a historical route to understand more about the oldest casino building in the world.

Casinò di Venezia – Venice History

The city of Venice was and still is a pleasant destination for visitors. Ordinarily, tourists compare it to Las Vegas because of its lively impression. In the past, Venice was a social service center with a casino where only high-end residents would gamble and tour. Many businessmen spent their days in the city looking for fun activities.

Luckily, Casino di Venezia offered entertainment and gambling opportunities for high-profile residents. This casino is the oldest gaming hall in the world and has been operational for 400 years now. It was officially opened in 1638.

An Italian Architect called Mauro Codussi built it for the Grand Canal. He initially built it as a theater in the 1500s, and after its completion in the 16th century, it was named “Theater Saint Moses.”

Casino di Venezia housed gambling tournaments during intermissions, and later the original owners saw this building as an opportunity to host table games and other gambling games.

It was originally in Ridotto San Moise but later relocated to the Grand Canal in the late 1930s.

This was a luxurious spot which improved the casino’s taste.

In 1946, the city of Venice bought the building and officially opened its doors as a casino in 1959.Venice hosted more than 100 different casinos as an entertainment city.

However, Casino de Venizia was the crème de la crème of gambling because of the unique architectural design and the exclusive games at the casino. It also offered exciting table games and occasional card games like Blackjack, Caribbean poker, and Roulette. There were few classic slot machines and professional poker tournaments.

Current State of the Casino

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Casino di Venezia overlooks the Grand Canal in San Marco. Unfortunately, you will find very few influential gamblers who enjoy traditional American or French gambling games like Texas Hold ’em and Chemin de Fer.

Apart from offering gambling opportunities, Casino di Venezia has a private garden for gamblers to enjoy the Grand Canal view. Locals and visitors can also dine at the few restaurants surrounding it. The current owners have also modernized it to blend with today’s world. Though, it still holds its historic dazzling 400year old beauty.

What to Expect as a Gambler

Whether you expect modern technology gaming or lucrative odds on the sports market, then Casino di Venezia is the opposite.

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This casino is relatively small compared to most modern gaming halls. It still has old slot machines and a few table games. Though, there is also a difference between online and offline casino.

Interesting Facts

Casino di Venezia was initially called the Ca’ Vendramin Calergi. It was a residence for the Italian Royalty. The famous German composer Richard Wagner used the building from 1858 to 1883. The most popular time to visit the casino is 11 am.

Other Old casino Buildings in the World

Casino di Venezia is a beauty. However, you will find other old but great casinos.

These include:

  1. Casino de Spa in Belgium in 1763.
  2. Known as the playground for the rich, Casino de Monte was built in 1856. To date, the rich and famous visit to play exclusive games.
  3. Casino Wiesbaden is the first casino in Germany, built in 1810. The neo-classic interior design makes it a worth visiting site today.
  4. Crockford’s Club of 1828 is the last old casino on this list. This casino is luxurious and for the elite in society.

What to Recall

Gambling had existed for centuries before Las Vegas and Atlantic City were born.

Several people traveled far to enjoy gambling in Casino de Venezia. Note that the games available today were also present centuries ago. However, the only difference was the advancement in technology and gaming hall rules.


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