The Peerage in Scotland isn’t as complicated as it may seem. When people talk about peerage in Scotland, they often refer to the Lords of Scotland. But you might be surprised to know that there are ways commoners can attain this prestigious title. Peerage in Scotland is a system of ranks that reflects the nobility of Scottish people since the Middle Ages. In this system, there are two levels – peer and baron. The first two ranks of the nobility are non-hereditary and are a reward for service or contribution to the community; this also applies to some hereditary titles.

Established titles play an important role in Scottish society. There is no denying the influence of having a ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ before your name has – that’s why there are now sites that sell these lord titles. It certainly has its perks. This article covers how you can get your hands on a prestigious title, taking you to the upper end of society.

What is a Lord, and How Many Are There in Scotland?

The term originated in 1066 when William the Conqueror divided the United Kingdom. His closest aides were given prestigious titles to honor them for their contributions. The legacy is carried on, and in modern times, the titles are given to people for their contributions.

In modern usage, ‘Lord’ is reserved for those who have been bestowed with a peerage or courtesy title. On the other hand, a Lady is reserved for women who have received or inherited the title. The number of Lords in Scotland isn’t public; however, since the title is reserved for the elite, we’re sure the number isn’t a lot.

How Can I Become a Lord?

Becoming a Lord isn’t easy; however, the perks that come with the title help cement your place in the upper crust of society. While the traditional route would be to join the House of Lords, it, unfortunately, is not feasible for most people.

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If you want an established title, you don’t have to worry! You may get a certificate that makes others treat you like a person with a legitimate title if you have enough money. Fortunately, there are numerous ways for you to attain the prestige of becoming a Lord.

Marry a Noble

Marrying into the aristocracy, either as a Lord or a Lady, is another path to acquiring a title. The statutes state that if you marry into a noble family, you automatically become a member of that family and are entitled to its title.

This is a common manner for people to obtain their titles. But if you want to keep your title, marrying into the nobility isn’t simple. So we suggest you buy your title instead. To learn more, please read on.

Be Appointed to the House of Lords

As we mentioned earlier, only a handful of people will ever get the opportunity to be appointed to the House of Lords. Not only will this process require a lot of capital and influence, but it is subject to the approval of the prime minister and the King. However, there is a simple way to receive the title, and you won’t believe how easy it is!

Purchase Land and Become a Lord

Buying land in Scotland allows you to use the customary title of Laird. That’s right, a purchase as low as $50 grants you a title that closely refers to Lord or Lady! Large estates have been divided into small plots that can be sold for more reasonable sums.

Even if you bought your title, people would still respect it as much as one that has stood the test of time. It’s a status symbol that will help you rise above the rest of Scottish society. Many individuals will consider this title as an investment since it opens the gates of the upper echelons of society.

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Most companies who sell these small plots plant a tree on each plot, helping the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change. You’ll get the best of both worlds by contributing to nature and gaining access to influence. If you want to stand out from the crowd and be treated with the highest respect no matter where you go, buying a fancy title is a good idea.

Get it Online

Yep, that’s right. There are certain sites that sell you the title of a lord/laird or lady for Scotland. It really is as easy as it sounds. You go to the site, buy the title, and you will receive a certificate in the mail. Pretty straightforward. You can learn more here:

Final Thoughts

Having a Lord or Lady next to your name is a great sign of being elite. Since only the very top members of society are granted this honor, many people dream of having an established title next to their name. If you’re one of these people, you don’t have to give up hope!

There are simple ways of attaining an established title, such as buying a small plot of land. For a small purchase, you can purchase a title for yourself or gift it to a loved one.