The realm of wedding photography is constantly evolving, mirroring the distinctive styles and personalities of contemporary couples. Looking towards 2024, we anticipate a range of trends that are likely to captivate couples wishing to immortalize their special day. Both couples and photographers can work together effectively by understanding these trends, crafting a stunning collection of images that artistically and creatively encapsulate the wedding’s spirit.

Embracing Adventurous Settings

We’re seeing a shift where couples are moving beyond conventional wedding venues like banquet halls. Those with a love for adventure are opting for ceremonies and photo sessions in unconventional spaces such as art galleries, rooftop settings, historical warehouses, beaches, lush gardens, and various other unique locales. In a place like Los Angeles, the array of available scenic backdrops is vast, offering endless possibilities for capturing breathtaking wedding moments. LA wedding photographers can take advantage of urban sites like graffiti alleys, as well as beautiful outdoor spaces like beaches, parks, and scenic hikes. Innovative backdrops not only enhance the visual appeal of wedding photos but also often reflect the adventurous nature of the couple. It’s beneficial for photographers to explore locations with the couple, seeking out captivating settings that resonate with their style and vision.

Relaxed, Natural Portraiture

Moving away from the traditional, formal wedding portraits, the trend is now leaning towards a more relaxed and natural style. Couples are increasingly favoring portraits that appear spontaneous and capture their true personalities and moments of joy. Photographers can encourage a sense of playfulness, guiding couples into natural poses and capturing candid expressions like laughter and smiles. Dynamic moments such as a spontaneous dance or a leap of joy add vitality to the images. Incorporating props that reflect the couple’s interests and quirks, be it sports gear, musical instruments, or playful signs, can also enrich the photos.


Preparing with couples in advance and ensuring they are at ease in front of the camera is essential for capturing authentic, emotionally rich portraits. The focus should be on creating a joyful, relaxed atmosphere that allows the couple’s unique bond and love to be the highlight.

Dramatic Black-and-White

Black-and-white photography is expected to gain even more popularity for its timeless, fine art feel. Removing color brings attention to the play of light and shadow, the shapes, and the textures within the photo, lending a sophisticated and dramatic quality. This style suits couples seeking a minimalist, artistic flair in their wedding images. Photographers can use black-and-white editing to artistically enhance various scenes, from the ceremony to romantic portraits. Complementary elements like black-and-white invites and albums can also align with this trend. Discussing the possibilities of black-and-white imagery with couples can add a romantic, emotive, and visually striking dimension to their photo collection.

Capturing Emotional Moments

At the heart of wedding photography is the capture of emotional ties between the couple and their loved ones. Photographers should be ready to document moments such as:

  • Tears of joy during the ceremony or speeches.
  • The couple’s awe-filled reactions upon seeing each other.
  • Spontaneous laughter and shared jokes with the wedding party
  • Affectionate embrace with family and friends.
  • Parents’ proud and tearful expressions.
  • Loving gazes exchanged by the couple.
  • Genuine smiles and laughter during the festivities.
  • Intimate first dances.

Focusing on these heartfelt, candid interactions ensures that the wedding photos narrate the story of the couple’s love and relationships on their special day. Capturing these sincere emotional moments adds depth and soul to the photo collection.

Customized Creativity and Style

Couples are increasingly seeking wedding photographs that are customized to reflect their distinct personalities and styles. Photographers have the opportunity to blend in creative trends such as neon signage, the use of smoke effects, minimalist themes, floral backdrops, and bohemian elements, depending on what resonates with the couple’s tastes. It’s beneficial for couples to provide their photographers with inspirational images, enabling the photographer to gain a clear understanding of their creative aspirations.


Platforms like Wezoree provide an amazing space for photographers to showcase their portfolio and artistry. Couples can easily browse photographers’ profiles on Wezoree to find the perfect expert match for their desired wedding photo style.


Grasping and integrating the latest trends in wedding photography allows photographers and couples to collaborate effectively in capturing images that are not only stylish and creative but also emotionally significant. Being attuned to the preferences of contemporary couples ensures that the photographs remain fresh, distinctive, and closely aligned with each couple’s unique vision for their wedding. This approach guarantees that the memories captured will be cherished for a lifetime.