In recent years, the video game industry has witnessed the emergence of titles that redefine the boundaries of realism, offering players unparalleled immersive experiences. These games, spanning various genres and settings, leverage advanced graphics, complex narratives, and interactive gameplay mechanics to simulate reality in ways previously unimagined. From futuristic cities where androids challenge the very notion of consciousness to detailed re-creations of historical periods that transport players across time and space, developers have pushed the envelope in storytelling, environmental design, and character development. Whether exploring the untamed frontiers of the Wild West, surviving post-apocalyptic landscapes, or navigating the intricate web of human emotions and artificial intelligence, these games invite players into vividly realized worlds. They not only entertain but also provoke thought, challenge perceptions, and offer escapades that blur the lines between the digital and the real. The last three years have been particularly remarkable for the industry, showcasing the power of modern technology and creative vision to craft experiences that resonate deeply with players around the globe. Amidst this landscape of innovation and engagement, platforms like Richard casino login offer a different kind of digital immersion, blending the thrill of gaming with the excitement of casino entertainment, thus providing a comprehensive spectrum of virtual experiences.

Detroit: Become Human

Initially, it was a PlayStation 4 exclusive, following in the footsteps of Heavy Rain, but Detroit: Become Human also made its way to computers. This adventure video game is set in the near future in Detroit, where every person could own an “android” for various specific purposes, such as household chores or work. The android itself looked just like a real human. As the story progresses, a software glitch occurs, leading these androids to start behaving like humans, experiencing desires and emotions. The game’s plot is very engaging and quite interesting. Players control several characters throughout the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Starting with the fact that both parts of Red Dead Redemption were developed by Rockstar Games, just like almost all the GTA series entries. Consequently, everything happening in Red Dead Redemption 2 reminds us of the Grand Theft Auto series. Essentially, it’s the same as GTA, only set in a Western theme, transporting players to the 19th century with thematic bars, the Wild West, cactuses, duels, etc. The main mode of transportation includes horses and wagons. In Red Dead Redemption 2, as in all open-world games, there are both storylines and numerous side missions. RDR 2 has been loved by players worldwide for its best storyline and highly thought-out game world. I would even call Red Dead Redemption 2 a “virtual excursion to late 19th-century America”.

Death Stranding

Another significant PlayStation 4 exclusive, Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima, made its way to computers. It took just over a year since it was a PS4 exclusive. Even before Death Stranding’s PS4 release, it was clear that the game wouldn’t stay exclusive for long, as hinted by the developers themselves. The project impressed me with its unique atmosphere, interesting plot, quite realistic graphics, and pleasant soundtrack, especially since Norman Reedus played the main role.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

The first Mafia game was released back in 2002 and created a real sensation among “gangster” open-world games, offering players the freedom to move around. No one could have imagined that 18 years later, it would get a global reissue with realistic graphics, high-quality virtual effects, and excellent detail in locations.Image3

All these eye-pleasing innovations were implemented thanks to the Mafia Engine used in the third game’s development. Essentially, the remake was rebuilt from scratch with an expanded story and script. Missions and gameplay also transitioned from the original to the remake. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the Mafia remake.

Metro Exodus

This first-person shooter with horror elements is renowned for its graphics, realism, and decent plot. The main character has a wide selection of firearms, which can also be upgraded – something I particularly enjoyed in the game. The plot of Metro Exodus is rich with various interesting moments that truly captivate, setting the game apart from similar genre titles. For example, at the beginning of the game, the main character, Artyom, embarks on a journey on a steam train called “Aurora” with his friends and wife in hopes of finding a peaceful and quiet place to live. I highly recommend playing this masterpiece, as such games are rare.

Evil West

An original shooter set in the Wild West, where players take on the role of an agent from a top-secret organization hunting vampires. As a hero endowed with powerful guns and magic, we must repel hordes of monsters that have attacked America. Players can fend off enemy swarms alone or with friends. With each victory, our hero becomes stronger, and his weaponry gains new abilities to destroy the undead more effectively. The game’s world combines myths and legends narrated in the spirit of the Wild West.

Sniper Elite 5

Set in 1944, France, the main character, Karl Fairburne, opposes yet another Nazi project. This installment continues to be the best game in the sniper simulation genre. It remains an adventure shooter with stealth elements, where gameplay revolves around sniper mechanics and cinematic battles. The picturesque game locations are truly inviting. Indeed, in the fifth part, the developers did an excellent job on the game environment.

Days Gone

The story tells of a charismatic biker trying to survive in a remote area during a zombie apocalypse, more precisely, a freaker apocalypse, as the creatures in the game are called. They behave like fast zombies, gathering in hordes in search of food. Playing as the main character, players will often encounter these hordes and even have missions dedicated to eliminating them. But that alone is reason enough to love the game. In reality, the project has a maximally interesting storyline, which in some moments is genuinely chilling. However, the main character’s primary task is to find his wife, whom he sent on a rescue helicopter when the apocalypse began. Now, after a couple of years of wandering with a friend, the main character will try to discover the whole truth.

Call of Duty: Vanguard

A first-person shooter by Sledgehammer Games, where the setting once again transports us to World War II. The single-player campaign’s story occurs during WWII, where the player will participate in large-scale battles against the enemy on the Eastern and Western European fronts, the Pacific front, and the North African front. There’s also the option to demonstrate bravery in single-player mode, trying to survive encounters with zombies in a new terrifying adventure. Overall, the game follows the best traditions of its genre, with a familiar combat system and gameplay.


2022 was a real gift for PC gamers as another PlayStation 4 exclusive made its way to keyboards and mice.


The graphics in the game are fine. Web-slinging looks maximally realistic, and the passing skyscrapers of New York also captivate with their views. The gaming environment is close to reality: busy streets and endless traffic jams in the morning, and the opposite at night – fewer people, quieter streets, lights everywhere, and web-slinging becomes even more spectacular. The story is also as it should be – interesting and exciting: the friendly neighbor in the red-and-blue suit manages to fight old enemies, meet new ones, and battle street gangs.

Resident Evil Village

The eighth part of the game returned to its roots, although it already did so in the seventh part. In its continuation, we again follow the story of Ethan Winters, delving into the essence of his problems, or rather, his family’s problems. This time, the player finds themselves in a deserted village, where the main events of the game take place. The snow-covered locations are full of traps, and exploring the area, one must be vigilant to not become “food” for mutants and the beautiful Lady Dimitrescu.

Uncharted 4

Finally, the main PlayStation 4 exclusive has reached computers. With improved graphics and convenient control for keyboard and mouse. There’s no doubt about the game’s beautiful visuals. Even if you set the graphics settings to a minimum, believe me – you will be amazed. The story’s intrigue is also undeniable; everything is cinematic and spectacular. Lots of action scenes and an excellent combat system. No wonder Uncharted 4 became the best exclusive.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

Arguably, one of the most beautiful games of 2022 is precisely the continuation of the medieval adventures of a girl and her brother. The game has become even more beautiful and grand. True, many players agree that the second part fell short in terms of the story. I haven’t finished the game yet, but I want to say in advance that the story is excellent. In terms of graphics – landscapes stun with their realism, interesting cutscenes, excellent sound effects, and an intriguing stealth component. The combat system has changed compared to the first game, and now the main heroine finds it easier to deal with enemies.