Usually, working on a solution, especially one with rich functionality, involves rationalizing the expenditure of available resources – whether it is time, effort, and, of course, finances. At the same time, if it does not have a sustainable business model, that is, it is a startup, optimization of all these aspects becomes critically important. Not the least role in this optimization is played by the correct approach to organizing the software development process for startups. Below, we will talk about this in more detail.

How to Cut Costs Without Reducing the Value of the Final Solution

So, how can you achieve resource reduction across all directions? First of all, you should consider the initial implementation of an MVP, that is, a minimum viable solution that has only those functions that are necessary to complete the specific task assigned to your project. In this case, the startup software development process will take less time, which means you can quickly present your solution to its target audience, receive informative feedback, and, based on these insights, optimize the process of subsequent work on it.


This approach to software development for startups requires the correct methodologies for organizing work processes in a team. In particular, when it comes to working on an MVP, here, teams most often follow the principles of Agile (aimed at ensuring a continuous cycle of optimization of a software solution) and Lean (the goal of which is to minimize expenses of development resources).

However, it is important to understand that the theoretical understanding of these approaches is far from being able to effectively apply them in practice – which is why you will probably have to resort to outsourcing software development services for startups. So, if you manage to find a company that specializes in custom software development for startups and has the necessary knowledge to implement these approaches, you will be able to launch the first “primitive” product version within two-six months after the first contact.

How to Find a Reliable Contractor

The process of finding software development companies for startups is not simple. Considering the thousands of offers you can find on Google, as well as all sorts of online platforms that connect employers with specialists (such as Upwork), you may simply lose sight of a truly worthwhile contractor’s account.

This is why many project owners often resort to searching for them using personal contacts or surfing the web on independent websites with real customer reviews like


When the selection of possible digital partners to whom you are going to entrust your project in the future is narrowed down to a few candidates, do not forget to conduct a personal interview with each software development company for startups to make sure that they share your vision and goals.

Final Thoughts

Now, realizing the importance of choosing the right methodology and approach to the development process, you should definitely consider turning to the services of a startup software development company that has the appropriate competence. In this case, software development for startup will take place with minimal resource costs, and you will be able to launch your product on the market as quickly as possible, without the risk of reducing its quality. For example, you can entrust the software development process for startups to us – just write or call us right now.