Which are the best golf communities in Dubai? If you have this question in your mind and are looking for the best golf communities in Dubai then this detailed guideline is for you. In this guide, we have explored some of the best communities in Dubai that are popular not only among golfers but prospective investors or homebuyers alike. After reading this guideline, you will be able to make informed decisions about choosing the right development either for investment, visit, or stay.

Ideal Golf Communities In Dubai

Dubai is a haven for golfers, golf enthusiasts, and golf players. It is home to many golf clubs renowned at the international level. These golf clubs host many international golf matches and championships every year. Dubai has become a favorite destination for golf lovers.

There are many gated communities in Dubai with exquisite golf courses surrounded by stunning landscapes, lush greenery, and amazing scenery. Here the visitors or residents not only enjoy golf matches but also have breathtaking views of the surroundings. These golf communities are famous not only for golf courses but also features various types of properties including villas, townhouses, apartments, or flats.

Various properties in these golf communities are available for sale, and on rent, you can choose according to your preferences. These places give ultra-luxurious living experiences to the residents and have state-of-the-art facilities, so you can enjoy a peaceful, luxurious life with stunning views in these gated communities of Dubai. These best golf communities are the source of attraction not only for golf enthusiasts but for prospective investors or homebuyers alike.

Here is the list of the best golf communities in Dubai:

  1. Jumeirah Golf Estate
  2. Damac Hills
  3. Arabian Ranches
  4. Dubai Hills Estate

Jumeirah Golf Estate

Jumeirah Golf Estate is among the top golf course communities in Dubai as per the EREhomes.ae

 because it is the epitome of peace, sophistication, and the best golfing experience. This charming golf development has lush green landscapes, greenery, vast grounds and 5 lakes in the community are the actual charm for the residents and nature lovers.

This is one of the favorite golf communities because it has two award-winning championship golf courses i.e. The Fire Course and The Earth Course. These golf courses were designed by the professional golfer, Greg Norman, and these golf courses are known at the international level because they have hosted the Dubai World Championship since 2008.

Jumeirah Golf Estate is one of the most prestigious golf residential communities in the world. It consists of 16 sub-communities that feature 1,050 villas available for sale and rent. Luxurious apartments are also available in these residential sub-communities.

The most unique feature that sets it apart from others is that this family-friendly community has won multiple allocations including Best Residential Development Arabia, Residential High-Rise Development, The International Property Awards, and Best Leisure Development.

Damac Hills

Damac Hills is another fascinating golf community that gives mesmerizing views of the lush greenery and vast landscapes. This community is located within a short drive from the center of the city so if you want to experience a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of the main city and the noise of the heavy traffic, this eco-friendly and sustainable community is the best option for you.

Damac Hills is one of those top communities in Dubai that also offer freehold properties so it is also a favorite destination for ex-pats or foreigners who are looking for a luxurious life and also prefer a golf community. Damac Hills offers a wide range of properties including townhouses and independent villas.

If we talk about golf courses in Damac Hills, then it is home to Trump International Golf Club, this popular golf club is located in the heart of the community. The 18-hole golf club and Trump Clubhouse are exclusive features of this community.

Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches is not only a famous golf community but it is also known as a popular villa community in Dubai. It offers various types of spacious and independent villas to homebuyers or investors and these villas are also available for rent.

The amazing community hosts more than 4000 luxurious villas. These independent villas in Arabian Ranches offer a luxurious lifestyle with state-of-the-art facilities. These villas have spacious balconies, private swimming pools, separate spaces for BBQs, and a backyard or garden is also included in spacious villas.


One of the renowned golf clubs in Dubai, the Arabian Ranches Golf Club is located near to this community. This golf club is the best opportunity for the golfers of all abilities. The residents of Arabian Ranches have free access to the club and can enjoy discounted rates for different events in the club.

Dubai Hills Estate

Another luxurious golf community in Dubai is Dubai Hills Estate. This family-friendly, modern development is an ideal destination for prospective investors in Dubai’s real estate sector because in this community, there are many off-plan projects available currently and these off-plan projects give the best opportunity to professional investors or even beginners to invest in this real estate hub.

Other than off-plan projects, Dubai Hills Estate offers a wide range of properties that are available for sale and on rent. These residential properties included apartments, villas, or townhouses. This mega-development is further divided into sub-communities and it has three hotels, two hospitals, a 54 km bicycle route, and two metro lines. The luxurious residential properties are surrounded by the state-of-the-art amenities and every facility is available at your doorstep.

18-Hole Dubai Hills Golf Club is located in this community and it is one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

Jumeirah Golf Estate, Damac Hills, Arabian Ranches, and Dubai Hills Estate are the four most prestigious, popular, renowned, and fantastic golf communities in Dubai. We hope that after reading this guideline and the information, details, and insights we have provided about these best golf communities you will be able to choose the right community for you. All of these communities have their specialty, unique features, modern architecture, different landscapes, gardens and various golf clubs that are renowned at the international level are part of these best golf communities.