In the days before the internet, brands were able to convey opulence easily. Physical stores and businesses could have luxury items on display in the window, a strict policy of entry, or elaborate architecture. It’s harder to convey this image on a website, and designers must use different techniques.

Nowadays, a website is usually the first point of connection between a customer and a brand, so businesses that want to portray an opulent image need to do so on their online pages.

What are the Key Elements in Opulent Web Design?

There are some amazing brands out there that have managed to achieve a true sense of luxury through their pages. Sites like Hilton & Hyland and Le Chomat are particularly refined, and it’s clear that there are some key shared elements between brands like these.

One of the most common themes on opulent websites is the use of high quality imagery. The best brands in the business employ professional photographers and videographers to showcase their products or services in a high-end fashion. There are often elaborate displays of these on the homepages, greeting customers before they have a chance to explore the various tabs.

The typography plays a huge part in conveying a classy image as well. The brand name, categories, and articles on the site should all use elegant fonts with careful kerning and leaning. Luxury brands also often use rich color palettes, with gold and black among some of the most popular choices. This is accompanied by minimalist design, as the developers of these pages clearly want to give elements a space to breathe and stand out.

Particularly Important in Certain Industries

There are certain industries in which it’s crucial to convey this sense of luxury on the website’s pages. Designer labels, for instance, pride themselves on their exclusivity and the fact that not everyone can afford them. The same can be said for sports cars and lavish hotels.


The online casino industry also features a range of sites that try to reflect their opulent nature. The Hippodrome online casino is a digital version of its land-based counterpart, which is known for being a classy establishment. The website, therefore, uses gold and black in its color scheme, along with expensive imagery in its visuals. Despite its extravagance, its casino bonus shows that it’s inclusive of all online players. Players can pick up a deposit match and free spins when they join the site, which is a common welcome promotion in the industry.

Content and Engagement

The look of the website may be the most important way to ensure that people know a brand is high-end, but it’s also imperative to ensure that the content reflects an extravagant vibe.

It’s helpful to have some articles outlining the rich history of a business, or a unique story that sets them apart from the competition. This can add to the feeling of exclusivity of a brand and deepen the emotional connection with its audience.

The top brands in the business often want to express a sense of luxury and exclusivity online. Artists and web developers can converge to design pages that help businesses convey this image.