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Daniel Hanequand - Canadian Artist

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daniel hanequand canadian artist

daniel hanequand canadian artist

daniel hanequand canadian artist

Media - Oil Paintings, Drawings
Address - 109 Front street east,suite 641, Toronto, Ontario
M5A 4P7, Canada
Phone - 1.416.216.6728
Email - [email protected]
Website -

I was born and educated in Paris, France in 1938.
I was 7 years in boarding shool (1945/1952) then went to a professional school of design, but my heart wasn't in the art at this time, I emigrate to Canada in 1962 at age 24 and moved on as an emigrant to the United States, living and worked in New York City in 1963, then I start to pay attention to the visual art scene, my first job being a messenger and delivering cablegrammes to some known names including Richard Avedon and S.Dali.

A surrealist artist of true nature, my intimate instinct is dictating me a forthright need to express myself as freely as possible within an urgent call for freedom and using the visual input as the best vehicle that permits or allows my soul to expand, delivering my quest to counter balance "The fear of the unknown" My motivation can be associated with genes that are biologically beneficial to the source of my creativity and it bears no explanation to why and how it ooze-out to better deeds, again the pursuit of discovery is probably best expressed when it comes to nurture an overall " brain massage" that leads me to a blissful gratification, as well as loosing myself to oblivion!

My artistic education was really made by being aware of my environment while living in New York when a young man, back in 1963. Then on my return to Paris in late 1964 I went to live in Montreal, Canada,where I enrolled in the Fine Art Dept of the Sir Georges Williams University in 1968 (Now Concordia)but my style and artistic language was already well installed before in my brain, therefore I started to exhibit my burgeoning art work in 1967, my first group show was an eye opener then moved to Toronto in 1969 and had my first solo exhibition showing my new large colored pencil drawings in an advertising agency and becoming part of the Walter Engel gallery in 1970 starting to exhibit with fine and well known surrealist artists, then I was represented by Gadatsy gallery where I had my first official solo exhibition in 1974 after my first "early retrospective" exhibition in 1973 at Hart House gallery, part of the University of Toronto, then had few more solo exhibitions and groups with the Gadatsy's then was represented by Robert Saxe with whom I had some fine group and solo exhibitions as well as establishing my style and language which, unfortunately, never was the toast of Toronto at the time, then moved away to New York in 1983 having a solo exhibition, moved to Taipei,Taiwan, where I had a one man show at the American Cultural Center of Taipei in 1988, then flew to Warsaw, Poland, to have a special solo exhibition in 1989; Back to Italy and Brittany where I had my last solo exhibition in a French castle in 1995, in this enchanting space and set-up I showed 160 works! Back to Toronto where I presently live and, preferably, exhibiting internationally; in June 2006 I was selected to be part of a top exhibition of surrealism organized by my association in England " Art of Imagination" , it was in the castle of our illustrious and exceptional Swiss artist H.R.Giger, and was recently part of the annual of my new association of colored pencil in the UK.I am presently part of various international exhibitions of miniature, the current one being held in Washington, USA. | Contact Us | List Your Art | List Your Art Gallery | Site Map

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